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Your choice for the Miami Dolphins Mt. Rushmore!

US-DOLPHINS COACH SHULA Photo credit should read JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images

Last week I posed the question, if there was a version of Mount Rushmore that featured the Miami Dolphins who would you put up there in stone for all time? Below are some of your answers-

PhinsTifosi suggests that based on the photo of Shula, Marino, and Griese that I posted that they were our starting point!

That photo is a good start...

Snook2006 was never shown how to use sarcasm font!

Nick Saban, Dion Jordan, Johnathan Martin, Tom Olivadotti

holland182.0 had such a good start there...

Dan Marino, Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Tedd Ginn Jr.

72Phins4ever was able to roll off the first three but the fourth threw him for a loop. I think a lot of us are with you!

I cannot do it. Shula, Czonka, and Marino are obvious... but I cannot find a fourth without slighting so many players. No way I can put 4 up there without many regrets. Sorry, can’t do this one.

daytonadolfan doesn’t realize how many huge mountains there actually are. I guess that happens to some of us that grow up in such a flat place.

There are not enough mountains to cover them all !! Shula, Griese, Zonk, Marino, and an honorable mention to Earl Morrell!

21Dave answered like he was in his 30s, but he and I both know better!

Thomas, Taylor, Wake, and Ricky!! No more no less!!

Csonka wants himself up there, front and center I suspect...

Shula; Marino; Stephenson; Me!! (Trying not to be too vain here but I think I deserve it!)

EJPLAYA has the first two nailed down and the rest are a toss-up among a great group of former players.

Shula and Marino are the no-brainers. Then I throw Csonka. Zach Thomas to round it out for me but you could choose a bunch of guys for that 4th. Jt, Griese. Richmond Webb. Dwight Stevenson, a super duper.

sand_in_shoes went with a fan favorite for the fourth selection.

Shula, Marino, and Csonka seem to be the consensus top three. The fourth one is a toughie. Oh wait, not it’s not. John Denney!

Call_for_the_Priest’77 has a list of players as well as some love of classic rock.

Chronologically ordered: Don Shula, Larry Csonka, Dan Marino, and Jason Taylor. The fifth option goes to Zach Thomas. Shout out to Deep Purple’s 1970 hard rock pioneering album “Deep Purple in Rock” which featured band members’ faces enshrined in Mt. Rushmore-style rock faces. Best DP album of all!

Jsutton15 chimed in with an excellent list!

Well, Shula and Marino are obvious. I do want to put Dwight Stevenson there as well. So for the last one, I’ll go with Zonk.

Blaze453 has choices that span the years, all deserving!

1)Danny Boy no need to explain as is: 2) Shula changed franchise 3) this where becomes tricky Mr 39 since he was the one that we leaned on to win our 2 SBs BUT Zach Thomas is my guy and is 3A

sdphinsfan is still on board with one of the two original owners of the team.

Robbie, Shula, Csonka, Marino. I can’t have a list like this without Mr. Robbie. If it were limited to players/coaches, I’d have Zach on the list. But Robbie created the environment that allowed for 30 years of continuous success. We’ve gone downhill every day since he sold the team.

jmworacle has another list that no one could argue with.

My “Mt. Rushmore”: 1.) Larry Csonka, 2.) Dan Marino, 3.) Jason Taylor, and 4.) Don Shula

baby bear1 likes a couple of players each from two different eras of the team.

Marino, Czonk, Griese, Duper

thope0711 chose a one-season Miami Dolphins hero as his fourth!

Marino, Shula, Robbie, Camarillo (let’s not forget the amazing gift he gave us when keeping us out of the “well in addition to ‘72, you also went winless” retort from the naysayers)!

dedstrk316 has another consensus-building list.

1. Shula 2. Marino 3. Csonka 4. Zach

CJT13 likes the greats!

Shula, Marino, Czonka, and The Marks brothers. Greatest coach, Greatest QB, Greatest FB, and Greatest WR’s this team has ever had. Now McD, Tua, Waddle, and Hill might have something to say about that at some point but not yet.

a-phin remembers one of the all-time great DC’s.

joe robbie, bill arnsparger, dan marino, don shula.....arnsparger was to shula as belichick was to parcells

There seems to have been a lot of consensus among the site members here. Thank you all as always for taking the time to answer and give your thoughts on the subject of the day.

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