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National media finally giving the Miami Dolphins some well-earned respect.

A Flurry of National Media praise is something the Miami Dolphins haven’t seen and is catching fans by surprise.

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Miami Dolphins fans are not privy to heartbreak. Seems like every year the Dolphins are right in the thick of it with a good chance of either reaching the playoffs or making a deep playoff run. It’s right there within arm’s length, and then it’s ripped right out of their chest. Whether it’s Tua missing late-season starts or yearly choke jobs, Dolphins fandom has become a hazardous rollercoaster ride.

With no playoff success, and barely floating above .500 every year the Dolphins built no credibility with the national media, and at some point, you can’t blame them for not giving them any. They’re up, they’re down, they’re good, bad, mediocre, in QB purgatory, other QB destination, found our franchise QB, frauds, and dark horses all in a year. This time of year, the “Dolphins will be fighting for a wild card spot” is the usual answer echoed on Miami’s preseason expectations, but in the last few days, it seems the national media has done a complete 180. Shocking? I know.

Last week, Dolphins fans were having the same old conversations about Tua, the schedule, or who has the Orange jersey that day. This week we’re being touted as the favorite in the AFC East and the biggest threat to the Chiefs. What happened?

It started Wednesday on Good Morning Football when they asked the question “The team with the best overall roster heading into 2023 is ________”. Jason McCourty was quick to go with the Eagles understandably. That roster is undoubtedly top 3 in the NFL. Next up was “Playoff Lenny” Leonard Fournette, and he rolled with your Miami Dolphins to a chorus of “oohs”. High praise from him covered in the Splash Zone, but of course, the caveat is Tua’s health. Ending with “If Tua can stay healthy, they can make a good run.” I’ll take it.

On Thursday the praise was taken a step higher on The Herd w/ Colin Cowherd. While predicting the NFL standings he quickly said he “had a really long call with an NFL source that sold him heavy on the Miami Dolphins.” He has them as his “woah” pick even though it’s not much of a woah to Dolphins fans. Colin complimented the Fangio signing, McDaniel’s coaching, and said the Dolphins are better than last year. You can get more of an in-depth look here. I know the Bills minicamp cancellation could be an issue for them, but I’d expect them to be ready to roll week 1. Not to mention the Jets being in the top 10 of most power rankings. Patriots are always tough too, so the AFC Beast is not a foregone conclusion. Love the praise though especially from Colin when he’s rarely sold on the Dolphins.

Herm Edwards didn’t just take it a step further, he brought it all the way to the dance. On ESPN First Take he had the Miami Dolphins winning the AFC East even though he couldn’t stop repeating “if the quarterback can stay healthy”. He complimented the “electric” offense, and Mike McDaniel’s speed system, capping it off with “I don’t know how you defend these guys.” He went on to praise the Dolphins signings of Vic Fangio, and Jalen Ramsey along with our defensive front, especially getting to the quarterback. The craziest part of the segment was that longtime Dolphins hater Mike Tannenbaum actually agreed with all his points. Almost knocked me out of my chair.

As I said earlier, Herm Edwards took this one to the dance. He not only picked the Dolphins to win the AFC East, but later on ESPN This Just In he said that the Dolphins were the biggest threat to the Chiefs. Yeah, he said that. That means he has the Dolphins “if the quarterback stays healthy” (he says repeatedly) making a deep playoff run most likely meeting the Chiefs in the AFC Championship.

I have to admit, going from fighting for a wildcard spot every year to winning the AFC East, and being the biggest threat to the Superbowl Champions gets my goosebumps popping, and my blood pumping.

Where do you see the Dolphins finishing the year, and can these predictions hold up?