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What you’re grilling this summer!

Grilled pork bbq ribs served with marinated onions. cherry tomatoes. basil and barbeque sauce on wooden cutting board over dark brown texture background. Top view. flat lay Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Earlier this week I asked the question what are you cooking, smoking, or grilling this summer for your summer get-together? Below are some of your answers-

Phintastic tells us about something I know all too much about. The damn Texas heat!

If it stays this hot in Texas, I won't be doing too much grilling this summer. Damn the ball sweat.

Spok507 is all in on the burgers and brats!

It’s mostly burgers and brats here in Iowa. We grill out a lot in the summer. We do have a pool, so have a lot of weekend visitors; the grill gets a workout. Cheesy brats are a favorite, but I’m partial to pineapple brats. There are quite a few varieties you can get from the local HyVee grocery stores and area meat lockers. Delicious savory and sweet together. Mmmmmm. Add a lot of fresh fruit and some potato or macaroni salads and you can fed and please a lot of people. Of course, it’s the beverages that are the most important for summer pool parties. Sipping a little coconut rum and pineapple juice while floating on the water is hard to beat. :)

Dolfanjoe is another burger guy!

Good Burger on the grill is just about as good as anything else and a whole lot less trouble!

Yarganaught has a diverse BBQ pallet due to his moving around!

I’ve bumped around over the decades and tried several regional specialties. Even living in Austin, I couldn’t get into cooking briskets, but when I do, it’s primarily just the flat. Wrap it in paper with lots of butter, and that works well. I do a lot of ribs, where I season them with a paprika/pepper/garlic rub, smoke them open for a few hours, wrap them for a few hours, and then open them for another 2 while I mop them with some molasses-based sauce. I’ve made my own in the past, but now I just doctor up a store brand (usually Sweet Baby Ray’s because that’s what my wife calls me). I think I smoke butts the most, and do 2 or 4 at a time. Sometimes wrapped... sometimes not... for about 8-10 hours. Shred and mix with sauce. Lately, I’ve tapped into my Carolina exposure and do a mustard/vinegar sauce. My last smoker was a big Oklahoma Joe reverse offset. Solid smoker, but it didn’t make the last move from Florida to SC last year. I’m waiting on a new vertical offset:

daytonadolfan is clearly inviting us all over later this summer. That mac-n-cheese got me!

Slow-cooked ribs, mac-n cheese, sweet baked beans, garlic bread, and a slice of watermelon for dessert!

EJPLAYA has the same game plan as I do, steak-wise. All I buy for steak anymore are bone-in ribeyes.

Ribeyes. All else is just average.

sdphinsfan ain’t too choosy!

All of it...I will not exclude any quality option when it comes to the que...

TheRoo1 is about to grill up some bison and elk this summer!

In past years, in Virginia, pork steaks and chops,,, this year???? Got 5 lbs of Bison Burger in western South Dakota, hoping to pick up some elk next week in Wyoming.

GateDolph is “up north” cooking up some brats and burgers with a dog here and there.

“Up North” it is Bratwurst, potato salad, Chips, baked beans! My Sis boils the Bratwurst first, then grills till nice and flamed up! We also have traditional hotdogs and burgers. Dessert is Kringle! A Danish pastry made in my hometown, Racine, Wisconsin.

finfanfromsiam has a bias against NY it seems...

Evening! Up north it’s cheese brats and Mac salad......not NY strip...

Sinjin830 is smoking everything!

Just smoked some ribs this last weekend, but I do this pretty regularly. Before the summer is over I will make brisket, pork butt, chicken and my newest favorite smoked Mac and cheese.

72Phins4ever likes a mix of all the meats.

T bones, burgers, sausage, chicken breasts/quarters, corn, tater salad, cole slaw.

NeenerWhacker likes the butts but seems weary of the brisket.

10-12 hour pork butt on the Smoker. Will try a couple of briskets but they ain’t easy! I started making chicken lollipop drumsticks- little prep work up front but removing those tendons makes a huge difference.

Well, it sounds like we should all be getting together for some giant BBQ at some point. Thank you to everyone that took the time to answer and give other site members an insight into your style of BBQ.

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