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Dolphins Super Bowl rings review

Taking a look back at the Miami Dolphins two Super Bowl rings

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Super Bowl Rings Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the Kansas City Chiefs received their rings for winning Super Bowl LVII, beating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in Glendale, Arizona. The team’s logo on the ring featured 16 rubies for the team’s 16 historical division championships and 50 diamonds for the 50 years the team has played at Arrowhead Stadium along with 16 diamonds in the base of the ring for each player who scored a touchdown during the season and playoffs, then another 38 diamonds in the background, representing the 38 points they scored in the game. The top of the ring also has a representation of three Lombardi Trophies, honoring the three times the Chiefs have won the Super Bowl.

The top of the ring also comes off, with a representation of Arrowhead Stadium inside the ring, with the number of times the individual has been with the Chiefs when they won the Super Bowl. The top of the ring can then be worn as a separate pendant on a necklace if desired.

It is a well designed ring with plenty of meaning behind everything. But it made me want to go back and look at the two times the Miami Dolphins won the Super Bowl and what their championship rings looked like and the meaning behind them.

Super Bowl VII (1972-1973)

Miami 14 - Washington 7

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Super Bowl Rings Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The basic meaning behind the ring is obvious - the big diamond in the center represents the first championship in team history. The 16 diamonds surrounding the main diamond gives the ring 17 total diamonds, matching the team’s 17-0 record as they were the first - and still only - team to complete a Perfect Season in NFL history. Around the outside of the top of the ring were the words “Miami Dolphins” and “World Champions” along with the 1972 year.

The sides of the ring include the Super Bowl VII logo, the Lombardi Trophy, the 17-0 record, and “Perfect Season” on one side, with the team’s logo, player/coach name, and “Winning Edge” on the other.

Super Bowl VIII (1973-1974)

Miami 24 - Minnesota 7

NFL: Super Bowl LVII-Super Bowl Rings Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Miami repeated as Super Bowl champions, winning Super Bowl VII and becoming the first team to appear in three-straight Super Bowls having lost in Super Bowl VI. The second ring featured two large diamonds to represent the two championships. The “Miami Dolphins” and “World Champions” written around the outside of the top came back to the second ring, while 72 and 73 were placed on either side.

The side of the ring again featured the player/coach name and number (or “coach”) and team logo, while the other side had the score and Super Bowl number for both championship years, along with the Lombardi Trophy and “Back to Back” written underneath.

The championship rings were obviously simpler for Super Bowls VII and VIII. Whenever the Dolphins get their third championship, will they stick to the simple design, keeping with the tradition set by the first two rings? Or will they use today’s standards to make sure the rings stand out among all the modern championship rings?