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Colin Cowherd picks Miami Dolphins to win AFC East

Cowherd has Dolphins finishing ahead of Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

On Thursday’s episode of ‘The Herd’ on Fox Sports, Colin Cowherd predicted the Miami Dolphins to sit atop the AFC East standings at the conclusion of the 2023 NFL season — winning the division and securing a playoff spot in the process.

Cowherd has not always been effusive with praise when it comes to the Dolphins, yet he credits a “really long call” with an “NFL source” that sold him “heavy” on Miami for being one of the reasons he believes the Dolphins can dethrone the Bills this season for the AFC East crown.

Cowherd goes on to say that his prediction of the Dolphins winning the division is of the “whoa” variety — meaning he believes it to be the most shocking of all of his division winner picks.

When discussing other reasons why he believes it’s Miami’s year, Cowherd said this:

“This whole Stefon Diggs cancel minicamp thing is a bigger story than people are letting on. That is weird.”

Cowherd also credits Miami’s addition of Vic Fangio as new defensive coordinator as a major reason why the Dolphins will be better in 2023.

“Vic Fangio’s defense... the people I trust in the league say he is the best acquisition Miami made, not Jalen Ramsey. He said, ‘Watch that defense. It’s getting copied all over the league.’”

Cowherd also had high praise for Mike McDaniel and the job he did last season — his first as a head coach in the National Football League.

“I get an offensive coach in Mike McDaniel against a defensive coach [in Sean McDermott of Buffalo] and I watch McDaniel out-coach him three times last year and I think Miami is better [than last year] and I’m not sure Buffalo is.”

Cowherd’s prediction for the AFC East’s final standings had Miami in first, followed by the Buffalo Bills, then the New York Jets, with the New England Patriots finishing in the fourth and final position.

For the entire video segment, click the link below.

Do you put any stock in Colin Cowherd’s prediction? Do you think the Miami Dolphins can overtake the Buffalo Bills and hold off the New York Jets and New England Patriots to claim the crown in the AFC East? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter at @MBrave13!