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Whats your version of the Miami Dolphins Mount Rushmore?

Legendary Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula dies at 90 Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Not all of us have witnessed Mount Rushmore in person but most everyone is well aware of the monument located in the Black Hills area of South Dakota. The monument features the faces of four former US presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. So, what if we could do that with our very own Miami Dolphins? Of course, Sout Florida is flat, flat, flat, meaning that there are no huge rocks jetting out of the earth that could be carved into the faces of the top four people in Miami Dolphins history, but what if that was possible? Which four faces would you put up there?

Would the former owner and co-founder of the team make it on your version of the Dolphins Mount Rushmore? Certainly, any list must contain the greatest coach to ever coach the team, right? Then there are the two HOF quarterbacks, one with two Super Bowls and one with none, but, well you know. There is also a list of other greats that reside in the hall and those that damn well should be there. The list seems endless but what if you had to reduce it to only four people or even the five that are rumored to have been the original plan?

Please give us your list and why you chose each in the comments section below-