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Which trophy would you want to win?

If you could win one trophy in your lifetime, which one would it be?

Legendary Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula dies at 90 Al Diaz/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Over the last two nights, the NBA and NHL championships were decided. While we will not spend a lot of time on discussing those, given how the series unfolded for South Florida sports fans, it did bring me to a discussion topic as we move into the quiet part of the NFL calendar. We will have plenty of time to discuss the latest Dalvin Cook to the Miami Dolphins rumors or how the team’s offensive line will come together this summer, but today, we get to turn our attention to another topic.

Which championship trophy would you most want to win? Not see your team win, but rather, which trophy would you want to win. Would you want to be on top of the world in the NFL and hoist a Lombardi Trophy? Maybe you would love to hold the Gentlemen’s or Ladies’ Singles Trophy from Wimbledon. How about claiming a gold medal from the Olympics?

Or do you want your name etched onto the Stanley Cup? Or your face on the Borg-Warner Trophy (which may be the creepiest trophy in existence with all the faces on it, but that might just be me)? Maybe you want to be holding up the FIFA World Cup Trophy as you celebrate a championship in the top sport in the world.

Do you want a grandfather clock for winning a NASCAR race at Martinsville? Maybe you want a Heisman Trophy as the best college football player (quarterback) that year?

Perhaps you would like something like the Claret Jug, the World Series Trophy, the America’s Cup, a Green Jacket, or a Yellow Jersey.

You can win one trophy in sports. Which one is it?