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What you think of the Dolphins possibly signing Dalvin Cook

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Last week the news broke that the Minnesota Vikings were indeed going to cut star running back Dalvin Cook by Friday of that week if they could not work out a trade with another franchise. Up until that point and ever since the rumors of where Cook would eventually land all seemed to center around the Miami Dolphins. A rumor that even he seemed to fuel by tweeting a photo of himself at Hard Rock Stadium. I then asked the simple question, do you want the Miami Dolphins to sign Dalvin Cook? Below are some of your answers-

Alpha6 wants to jettison C. Wilson and then acquire Cook.

Trade that Dallas reject Receiver onboard. Get Cook..!

Sinjin830 also wants C. Wilson gone along with Gaskin, some extensions, and Cook on board too!

In a word, YES! Extend Wilkins and Williams. Cut Gaskin and trade Cedrick Wilson. I know a lot of you want more OL help and I understand that, but we have addressed that more than most people realize. Also Cook (if healthy) is the kind of back who makes a line better. Also for the cap gurus no I don’t know what this does to our numbers.

dolphinfan1323 just wants a star back on the roster again!

Hell yeah we haven’t had a star running back since Ricky Williams and the 70s before that

edwinpena is all in!

Sign Cook. His addition makes for better runners, better schemes, and overall better execution, for “Papa McDaniels”!

SuperG! wants Cook on the cheap if he really wants to be in S. Florida!

If Cook is so desperate to be in Miami then sign him dirt cheap. I’d hate so see the $13M cap space go to him when we have a bigger priorities in extending Wilkins contract and perhaps even spending it on finding an extra RT.

Molly Polly II isn't ready to do anything until we lock down Wilkins for the future.

Simple answer, No, not until we take care of Wilkins!

FLSurferMikeNowNCSurferMike is clearly not in!


Dolfriend is in and has a full plan laid out.

Do it! Trade Jeff Wilson for Cook (Save $2.2M). They get a cheap RB with a 4.7 AVG/Carry and we get Cook. Restructure Cook’s deal to be $6M/YR for two years, $5M guaranteed 1st yr. Huge upgrade and defenses will be forced to keep more in the box, opening up the passing game. Fins will have a true balanced attack that will be hard to defend. Tua gets a true run threat to take some heat off the rush and give him 3 YACster options out of the backfield to dump off to in the passing game. Cook gets to play in his hometown for a SB contender, zero state taxes, with a Run Guru, who will know how to use him. Cook RB 1; Mostert RB 2; Achane RB3 Change of Pace & ST; Ahmad Back up; Cut Gaskin

Adawge53 wants Cook at the right price as he will raise the talent in the RB room as well as for the entire offense.

Cook would help raise the floor of the RB room and put more talent around Tua. He would be the best dual threat option and would take some attention away from Hill and Waddle. Money will be a factor but remember that Florida has no income tax whereas Minnesota has some of the highest income taxes. So a $5 million contract put more money in his pockets when he lives in Florida than it would have if he restructured his contract in Minnesota. If all parties are interested and he isn’t paid an exorbant amount of money then I think you add as many playmakers as possible and figure the rest out later.

Blaze453 is correct. We all want a damn right tackle!

I know everybody wants a right tackle, but there isn’t one in free agency that’s any better than the last two we just signed. Logic has to get better at every position and cook would make us better in the running back room. Obviously, the cost would have to be on the lower end of the spectrum, but yeah, having three starting type running backs on the roster and evolving injured in the past would be a good thing . The only way we get a automatic starting right tackle is if we trade for him. But considering the lack of draft picks, we’ve had the last two seasons, starting right tackle will cost us a minimum of a second round, pick, considering we don’t have a third round, pick that we lost, we’re really not in a position to be able to go out and get a right tackle. Now if you want to talk about a guard in Reisner, I can see it.

ElPasoPhinFan likes Cook for his dual-threat ability!

Cook is a great fit for what the offense lacks (a RB that is a threat catching or running). Last year the underneath pass catching option was lacking. Mostert and Wilson are good running the ball in the wide zone run scheme but are limited as route runners/pass catchers. Just like McCaffrey was a huge boost to the 49ers offense (same system BTW), Cook has the same ability to make this offense even scarier than it already is. Archane was drafted to play that underneath RB pass catcher role but he’s a rookie and no one knows how effective he’ll be until seen in live games. For rookie RB’s it’s more than just going out for a pass on a pass play, they have to understand pass blocking concepts/blitz assignments/ multiple play alignments (1 play install might be 9 different plays). Pure talent is not enough at the NFL level to get playing time. Cook is a proven commodity, easy decision if they can work out a deal. Let me add, I also wished they had done a little bit more for the OL. If the season goes down in flames I think it’ll be the OL that sinks it. But at this point with all the realistic upgrades @ RT gone I think Cook is probably the clearest upgrade with the biggest possible impact that can be made at this point so I’m all for it.

daytonadolfan loved him for his Noles but now is a bit weary of his NFL injury history.

I loved Cook at Florida State and he had some good moments with the Vikings but injuries are a concern to me. We have a stacked R.B. room as it is so why tip the kettle? If we do land him I will still be happy just apprehensive.

dolphinfan4lyfe wants to see some of our own locked down first!

Just going to try and use logic here. While the idea of signing him is appealing, there is a couple factors to consider. 1. Wilkins: By getting this deal done, it may in fact allow us the opportunity to create even more cap space, which would Ideally be used to fund the second move. 2. Connor Williams: Adding 3 years to his contract as well as financial security for him allows us to continue to have a cornerstone to build off of even after the eventual loss of Armstead. After these two moves I would consider signing him to be reasonable, as long as it allows us to continue to have some cap space to either roll over or make a move here or there.

DavidPhinFan is mostly happy that he's not the trigger man for any deal one way or the other.

This is complicated because on one hand you have a stacked RB room and probably don’t need another person to split snaps. However, we all know how frequent RB injuries are so adding Cook could be a great move. Plus he is still probably better a better RB than anyone on our roster. We also need to consider complications right now because cap space is dwindling and Williams wants a new contract. Cook will cost us. Wilkins will probably create some space but we need to keep some carryover for emergency. We also need to consider is the signing going to be worth it considering how strapped were are with already projected to be over the cap by 31 million next year. Will he sign cheap enough for us? So overall, I’m glad I don’t have to make this decision. Either way, sign or don’t sign you could regret it.

Dwadeshouse likes Cook but thinks the money is better spent elsewhere.

As ive said previously. Wouldnt be my first choice to spend the money. I think that should be OL first (none on the market i like) and WR3 second (D-Hop would be more impactful in this offense imo, but he sounds unaffordable currently) But i have to admit Cooks been insanely productive so far in his career and - according to reports - fully healthy for the first time in years. He would also make Wilson expendable and thats potentially money you can subract to soften Cooks cap hit. Signing Cook and having to pay him will probably force MM to utilise the run game more too. Not using it often enough was arguably MMs achilies heel last season. Even games we were running the ball at will, he would still call a pass heavy offensive game, which he admitted himself. Cook probably forces him to round out his play calling a bit more - which would be a great thing for us offensively.

As usual in the world of Miami Dolphins fandom, there is a split. Some would sign him yesterday while others see him as a luxury given some of the other holes on the roster. As always thank you to everyone that took the time to answer and give their thoughts.

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