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Your Expectations For The 2023 Miami Dolphins

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl LVI Victory Parade & Rally Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Earlier in the week I asked what would be considered a successful season for the 2023 version of the Miami Dolphins. Below are some of your answers-

tvegas897 says that there are no more excuses!

Miami is all in. Big stars, big salaries, and what looks like the best coaching staff that we’ve seen in a long time. Two wins in the playoffs should be realistic. Knocking the Bills and Patriots off the AFC East title throne would sure feel good too. It’s Miami’s time. No more excuses.

PhinsTifosi expects the team to win every single game and the Super Bowl!

20-0 baby . . .

Spok507 expects at least one playoff victory if not more.

As fans, we always have high hopes at this point in the season, but realistically, with the roster we have and the addition of Fangio to the staff, I do have to admit I have more expectations than I’ve had in the past. Building upon the play-off spot of last season, I do believe this team should be able to win one or more play-off games and even make it to the AFC championship game. Win or lose from there would be icing, but if they can avoid too many injuries (and come on, the Fins have paid their dues. It’s someone else’s turn to be devastated by injuries) they have the talent and expertise to beat anyone. So they are a legitimate SB threat, and making the play-offs and winning a couple post-season games is completely within the realm of possibility for these guys.

glen55 expects the team to be serious contenders this season.

Nothing less than the Super Bowl would be satisfying,* but that doesn’t mean that a lesser result will be a disappointment. But this team has the roster and it has the coaching. I will be disappointed if this team isn’t a serious contender late in the season. *OK, losing by a hair in one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time would be OK....

Blaze453 expects a division win and a trip to the AFC Championship game.

AFC East division winner in conference final participant

daytonadolfan expects to ride this thing right to the end and a victory!

I’m all in, Super bowl or bust!!

Call_for_the_Priest’77 expects at least one playoff victory with hopes for more.

I think our minimum standard for success this year should be one playoff victory. I think we are capable of more and will do more but nothing is a sure thing in this league. Obviously winning the division is a great starting point, one which I think we will do. Given the talent in the AFC East this year, even the third place finishing team could wind up in the playoffs with something to say so there should still be opportunities should we fail to seize the division crown. A playoff victory would be a great turning point for our franchise. Look what it did for Cincinnati a couple of years ago after their own geological era of playoff victory void. At least 6 teams will win at least one playoff game every year under the current playoff format. If you add probable victories by the two first place ‘bye’ teams during the second week of playoffs then the number becomes 8. That’s the top quarter of the league. I think it is about time we become part of that elite quarter. Anything less than this I will consider a failure.

Dolfan88 is another that expects nothing short of every game ending with the Dolphins in the Win column.

20 - 0!!!!

72Phins4ever is Bill without all the exclamation points!

20 - 0

TheRoo1’s expectations are high!

Failing to win division=====================================total bust; Failing to make it to conference championship game=============sad due to missed opportunity; Losing Conference Championship============a cause of lingering doubt, what could have been; Losing the Superbowl===========================Missing MegaMillions by one number; Winning Superbowl+++++++++++++++++++++Expectations met,,,,,,,,,,,, NEXT

thebithmonger is ready to tamp down the expectations a bit.

Y’all are too much. A playoff win is a step in the right direction.

It seems as if the majority of the site has very, very high expectations for this year's team with many either expecting or believing that a Super Bowl trip or even a win is on the table. Here’s to hoping that most of you are correct!

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