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Why Do We Even Care?

Paley Prize Gala Honoring ESPN’s 35th Anniversary Presented By Roc Nation Sports - Arrivals Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Paley Center for Media

For years, during the Super Bowl era and then during the Marino era, the Miami Dolphins actually enjoyed a fairly decent amount of praise from local and national media outlets. Since that time the team has only seen small spurts of success generally followed by much pain for each and every one of us die-hard fans of the franchise. In all fairness, we have kind of sucked for most of the last two-plus decades so should we have really expected a ton of praise? The reason I even bring up this subject is that I still see people complain about someone’s take on an issue that is Miami Dolphins related on a fairly regular basis if not every day. Not always here but on other sites and of course the cesspool of humanity that we call Twitter. If we (the collective we, not everyone of course) are not attacking our fellow fans for some take we are for sure pissing and moaning about the national media and their “hate” for the Dolphins.

So my question is why do we care? Who cares what someone else thinks about our team? I personally prefer to be the underdog in every situation and then turn around and surprise the hell out of everyone that overlooked us. Further, why do we care what takes other Phins fans have about the team or a specific player? Unless the person happens to be the general manager of the team their opinion is just that, an opinion that has zero effect on the outcome of literally anything to do with the team or our lives or really anything at all. If you criticize my child then yeah, I’m coming for you but a team that I follow? Whatever...

So tell us, what do you think it is that makes us (again the collective us) Dolphins fans so sensitive to criticism of our team or certain players on our team?

Also, Skip Bayless is one of the worst human beings alive...just sayin’!