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The Miami Miracle still haunts former New England Patriots safety Jason McCourty

Five years later, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski still doesn’t have an angle.

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Safety Jason McCourty spent a year with the Miami Dolphins but his most memorable moment in Miami Gardens came before he signed with the franchise in 2021.

McCourty, now an analyst on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, was asked about a game that he needed some time to get over and didn’t have to think long about his decision.

“If I had to go with one game I would choose the Miami Miracle,” McCourty said. “I was a part of the New England Patriots and this would’ve been the first time I got the t-shirt and the hat — we were supposed to win the division with this game.

“I didn't play my best game individually and now you have this commercial where you have Xs and Os going on while this play is being drawn up and I can't stand it every time I hear it — it's a tough game to get over. “

On Dec. 9, 2018, trailing by five with just seven seconds to play, the Dolphins pulled off an improbable 52-yard play that featured quarterback Ryan Tannehill throwing the ball to Kenny Stills, who lateraled the ball to DeVante Parker.

Kenyan Drake had an open lane down the right sideline. Parker tossed him the ball and New England tight end Robert Gronkowski didn’t have the angle. The Patriots would’ve won the division with the win.

McCourty was a sixth-round pick by the Tennessee Titans and spent one year with the Cleveland Browns. He spent three years in New England before signing a one-year deal in Miami.

“I remember we kicked the ball off and Miami picks it up and runs around and wastes so much time running around,” McCourty said. “I am talking trash jogging out onto the field, ‘you just lost the game for yourselves,’ and then it is followed with this play.

“Gronk is still chasing Drake and still hasnt caught him. A tough game to get over.”