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Dolphins 2023 draft grades: Fans see Miami’s rookie class as a solid addition to the team

The Miami Dolphins used their four draft picks this year to add developmental players who should provide solid depth as they grow into the NFL. Fans seem to approve of the picks.

Clemson v South Carolina Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins held only four selections during the 2023 NFL Draft, but they did a fairly solid job of using those picks to acquire solid talent who can develop into starters or serve as long-term depth on the roster. While it did not feel like a spectacular three days for the South Florida franchise, it was one that should continue to move them toward a deeper playoff run, and possibly toward a Super Bowl appearance. Is that enough for the fan base?

Our most recent SB Nation Reacts survey, brought to us by DraftKings Sportsbook, asked for the fan reaction to the Dolphins’ draft by asking for a grade for their performance. Was it worthy of a top mark “A” grade? Did you think it was a complete miss for the team, worthy of an “F” mark?

For 17 percent of the fans, one of those two options was the correct grade for the Dolphins. The A grade received 16 percent of the fan response, while F picked up one percent. The vast majority of the fans came in slightly below the top grade, with 62 percent - nearly two-thirds of the responses - gave Miami a B for the 2023 Draft. The rest of the responses were split, with 17 percent giving the team a “C” grade, while four percent leaned toward a “D”.

A B feels about right for Miami this year. With the limited options they had, they seemed to do well. Their first selection, a second-round pick, was used to add South Carolina cornerback Cam Smith, a player who could see complementary work this year behind starters Xavien Howard and Jalen Ramsey but work his way into the starting lineup in the future. They came back in the third round to add Texas A&M running back Devon Achane, a player who adds even more speed to Miami’s offense, which was already built around speed, and will provide another option to the rushing attack along with Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson, Jr.

In the sixth round, Miami selected Stanford wide receiver Elijah Higgins, a big target who is expected to see playing time as a tight end as he transitions into the NFL. Finally, in the seventh round, the Dolphins added Michigan offensive tackle Ryan Hayes, adding a player who can develop into multiple roles on the offensive line and provides depth dor the team.

Overall, it was a solid draft, worthy of a B rating.

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