in a highly competitive league, you have to make sure you have certain type of players in your locker room:

- Smart on and off the field

- Physically at peak shape

- Team first guys

- Committed to the grind and preparation process (film junkies)

- Made of the right stuffs incorporeally speaking (the right vibe/spirit)

all of these are important.. but one of the main ones I gotta have and see on my team is that D A W G!!!

you gotta have Dawgs on your team

Dawgs set the tone from the first snap of practice, and keep the main thing the main thing when it comes to the pursuit of getting 1% better every day (absolutely attainable once your mind is made up).

when I look at this current Miami Dolphins roster.. i see guys that set the tones required to become a great team and perennial contender!

the guys that I see as straight Dawgs on the Miami Dolphins are as seen:

- Jalen Ramsey

- Christian Wilkins

- Tyreek Hill

- Jalen Waddle

- Terron Armstead

- Jevon Holland

- David Long Jr

- Raheem Mostert

- Kader Kohou

- Jaelen Philips

- Zach Sieler

however you all may feel about that list.. i highlighted those guys because i can clearly see a fearlessness in their games and they take on all competition and challenges in front of them

would you like to have Tua on that list? Sure

would you like to have Hunt on that list? Sure

would you like to have Xavien on that list??? Sure LOL

and mind you... i see Xavien as one of the best coverage CBs in this league, and arguably the best CB in Miami Dolphins history; but Sam Madison was more of a Dawg than Xavien... not a better player, just a bigger Dawg

ultimately, we have the right guys in place to set the tone on both sides of the ball and i believe its more than enough to feel good heading into any game we play this season

D A W G is what's gonna maintain our competitive edge throughout the season, and i expect Dawg Fights for premier games like the Chiefs, the Eagles, the Bills, the Jets, the Cowboys, the Ravens and Giants: all highly respectable opponents!

i'm just jacked for the season, and i hope you guys are ready too!


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