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Who do you root for besides the Miami Dolphins?

Miami Hurricanes head into bye knowing true test in No. 1 Clemson is on the other side Michael Laughlin/South Florida Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

I assume that if you are a site member on The Phinsider, you are a rabid or at least semi-rabid fan of the Miami Dolphins and thus also most likely a football fan in general. Some of us even have a second favorite NFL team which I have never personally been able to do but I am often huge fans of players on other teams. There are also those teams that I just tend to root against for a variety of reasons.

So tonight's question is which of the many college football teams do you follow and or root for? As most of the site members here likely know, I grew up in S. Florida and am also a huge Miami Hurricanes fan. Besides the Canes, I will also root for Texas Christian University and the University Of North Texas.

Please give us your answer in the comments section below-