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2023 Miami Dolphins draft grade: How do you view Miami’s rookie class?

Did you love the Miami Dolphins’ 2023 NFL Draft? Did you hate it? Here is your chance to give a grade for the team’s picks.

NFL Combine - Portraits Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

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The Miami Dolphins used four picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, having been limited in their selections this year due to previous trades and a tampering punishment from the league. Those four picks, however, were solid selections of players who can have an impact both this season and for several years to come.

In the second round, the Dolphins used the 51st overall pick to select South Carolina cornerback Cam Smith. Then in the third round, they held the 84th overall pick, using it to add running back Devon Achane from Texas A&M. After sitting out the fourth and fifth rounds, Miami selected Stanford wide receiver Elijah Higgins with the 197th overall pick, a sixth-round selection. Finally, in the seventh round, the Dolphins added Michigan tackle Ryan Hayes with the 238th overall pick.

What did you think of Miami’s picks? While the media has been up-and-down in their grades for the team, we want to know how you would grade the Dolphins’ 2023 draft class. Our SB Nation Reacts poll below gives you the chance to grade the draft for the Dolphins. We will bring you the results later in the week.