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Your Best Miami Dolphins Game

Miami Dolphins Mark Ingram... SetNumber: X47460 TK4 R6 F16

Back on Tuesday evening, I asked the question what is the all-time best game that you had seen in person, and if you had never seen a game live what is the best game that you had ever seen on television? Below are some of your answers-

phinman013 points out a game that is an all-time classic.

1985 undefeated Bears beat down at the OB

dstockholm39 remembers the greatness of Run Ricky Run!

I remember being in Buffalo on the Sunday game after Thanksgiving. It was cold but dry for the first half, and Ricky Williams went crazy for over 200 rushing yards. We lost but I still remember that as the Referee blew the whistle to begin the 2nd half, the lake-effect snow came rolling in. It took hours just to get out of the stadium parking lot and onto I-95. Because it was the holiday weekend and a raging snowstorm, people were basically tailgating on the roads! Great times.

VA.Phin.Fan points out a game that will no doubt become an all-time classic of its own.

I was at the Baltimore game last year with a bunch of rowdy and somewhat obnoxious Baltimore fans around me. Ended up being a really enjoyable game.

TheRoo1 members his first three-game attended. I only wish my memory was that solid...

The first 3 games I saw in person were all memorable, especially since I was in enemy territory all three times. 1984, week 5 St Louis against the Redbirds,,, Phins led the entire second half. 36-28 final 1990, week 1 The Patsies led all the way into the fourth, till Marino connected with Tony Page, 27-24 final 1991, week 6, I was still stationed on Cape Cod, watched Clayton and Crash Jenson catch TD’s in the second, and Marino never looked back. 20-10

daytonadolfan has the most surprising answer. It's a wrong that must be righted even if I have to handle it myself!

Sad to say I’ve never been to a live game, but I am at all of them in spirit

EvanSilvaNFLexpert goes back nearly a decade.

2013 home game against Chargers. Chargers with 4th and goal and a few seconds left to get the game-winner. Zach Thomas is on the Jumbotron getting the crowd fired up. Dolphins held on for the win, and that’s probably the loudest I’ve ever heard in that stadium.

paddyjoe chimes in with yet another Chargers/Dolphins game.

Chargers - Fins game in ‘82 in the Orange Bowl. Even though we lost, it was an epic tussle.

sirdolphin only got to see one game with a sad outcome.

The absolute best game I have seen in person is when we scored no points against the Saints in London. That’s the only game I’ve seen in person.

AGuyFromThe305 chose a victory over the Bills!!!

2016, Week 7 against the Bills at home. Awesome win. I remember Jay Ajayi running absolutely wild and everyone in the crowd doing the J-Train fist pump. So much fun.

phinphan4life remembers the play that Bernie Kosar suggested.

Well, I was at “The Spike Game” in the Meadowlands, so that was special as I was able to be surrounded by thousands of demoralized Jets fans. I was also at the 2000 Wildcard Playoff game in Miami against the Colts — the one where Lamar Smith rushed for like 10,000 yards and we won in overtime. THAT would’ve been special enough, but I also was with my sons and we had the best seats I ever had at a football game: 1st row 50 yard line. AND my boys were included ABC’s opening video montage, screaming like maniacs with their faces painted.

2tall14 remembers something that we have all been waiting way too long to see again.

I was at our last playoff win where lamar smith ran for over 200 and the game-winning TD in OT

That’s a solid list and if you want to see some of the other comments you can see them HERE. As always thank you to everyone that took the time to read the post and answer the question.

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