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What mistake did the Miami Dolphins make?

NFL: DEC 04 Dolphins at 49ers Photo by Bob Kupbens/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Every offseason our team, the Miami Dolphins, makes a ton of moves. Players are cut or not re-signed, while others are resigned or extended. The team will also sign some free agents and then draft some more while also signing a few or a lot of undrafted free agents. In that mix, the team always makes some correct calls, sometimes some brilliant calls and then there are the ones that are neither. Last night we highlighted the free agents that we signed and then just plain sucked.

So tonight's question is of all the moves our Miami Dolphins have made this offseason, as it applies to the actual roster, which move is a bad move in your opinion or just a move that just should have never been made? Was it re-upping of our own player or someone that we signed in free agency or drafted?

Please give us your answer for the worst move made by the Miami Dolphins that affected the roster and why in the comment section below-