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Phinsider Members Cast Their Way Too Early Vote For Dolphins To The Pro Bowl

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Last Week I asked the question, which of the Miami Dolphins players do you expect to see elected to the 2023 Pro Bowl if the Phins have a great season? Below are some of your answers-

PhinsTifosi has more than half of the starters going.

Tua, Hill, Waddle, X, Ramsey, Snowman, Terron, Connor W, A-Train (ST), Ogbah, Wilkins, Chubb, Phillips, so at least 13.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 has a solid seven picked.

Tua T.: (A deep playoff run leads to statistical superiority. Better stats than Allen or Burrow or both!); Hill: (Too many CBs smelling scorched earth wondering where “Reek” got to); Waddle: (Both Waddle and Hill are going to be so good it’s going to be hard to tell them apart!); Armstead: (He can do more in 14 games then most LTs do in a full slate); Howard: (The “Xample” returns to set the standard, amply!); Wilkins: (Heir apparent to NFL’s best DT mantle shows last year no fluke. WAKE UP PFF!); Holland: (Will be too good on too good a team to be overlooked. Will be better than Br. Jones!); Phillips*: (Monster unleashed! Herbert won’t be laughing this time - re: RtP call against Phillips LY); (*Thanks Bill. I would have forgotten Phillips were it not for your post! Shame on me)

finfanfromsiam goes with two on each side of the ball.

Hill and Tua Ramsey and Phillips.

Bill Moody knows something we don’t it appears.

Tyreek Hill; Christian Wilkins; Xavien Howard or Jalen Ramsey (offenses will have to pick a side); Terron Armstead; Jevon Holland; Tua Tagavailoa; Jaelen Phillips; Derrick Henry

daytonadolfan is with me on the whole Pro Bowl thing...

Evening, let me say 1st that I despise the pro bowl, just an NFL dog and pony show. But I also think these guys that go should be honored in some form, it’s not like it’s anything like an actual football game but still one stupid move and you got an injury. I didn’t watch the last one, it’s become kind of a joke.

The ghost of Dan Marino has a sentiment that I agree with!

Jevon Holland is going to have a huge year!

Spok507’s guess ranges somewhere between 4 and half the starters.

I hope to see both Hill and Waddle voted for the Pro Bowl this year. Hill, of course, is a lock, but Waddle is just as deserving and probably more so than some of the WR that was voted in because he manages to get those numbers playing second fiddle to Hill. And, if Tua can manage to stay on the field, he has a shot if he can keep his momentum going, but he’ll have to outshine Mahomes, Rodgers, Allen, Burrow, Jackson, Watson, and Herbert and that’s a tall order. As for defense, I think Phillips, Ramsey, Holland, Wilkins, and X will be there. X obviously gets voted in on reputation alone, and I think Ramsey — if he has even a passable year — will get the same treatment. Wilkins has gotten better every single season and I see no reason to believe he won’t continue. Holland is more valuable to the defense than most casual fans understand, and I can see Phillips upping his sack count this season which should get him the recognition. It could be Chubb, who also has the reputation to propel him, but I’m going to stick with Phillips. Add Armstead and Jason Sanders who is going to have a big bounce-back season (fingers crossed!) and that’s 9 possibly 11! Armstead, Hill, X, and Ramsey for sure, so 4, with Wilkins, Holland, Phillips, Waddle, Chubb, and Sanders or Tua.

FLSurferMikeNowNCSurferMike has a very long screen name and sees a nice 7-pack going.

Phillips, Ramsey, Wilkins, Tua, Hill, Armstead, Waddle

Blaze453 has a dozen going.

Holland, Jaelan Phillips, Christian Wilkins, Jalen Ramsey,Kader, Robert Hunt, Terron, Armstead, Jaylen, waddle, Tyreek Hill, and QB one

Dr.Greenthumb thinks the Dolphins will sign a stud vet RB this offseason, assuming he’s cut.

Dalvin Cook

CJT13 is so right about Wilkins...

Well for one Wilkins should have been there last season. My picks are Wilkins, Holland, Chubb, Ramsey, Hill, Waddle, and finally Tua baby. If this is actually “ahem” I mean when this happens we will be Superbowl bound.

Alpha6 has concerns about y’all’s personal grooming habits.

Three on defense... Wilkins, Xavier, Ramsey. Two on offense... Tua, Hill. Evening... you all need to wash.

72Phins4ever gives us another 7-pack.

Wilkins, Long Jr, Holland, Hunt, Tua, Hill, Mostert, Barrios

Mcsarch has another six-pack for us!

Tua, Hill and Waddle, Ramsey, Holland, and Phillips.

There is a lot of consensus among our members with most having somewhere between a half dozen and a dozen or so players from the Phins making the Pro Bowl next off-season. Thank you again to everyone that took the time to chime in.

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