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Yet another way too early Miami Dolphins projection!

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

I don’t know about most of you but I for one am not a fan of the Pro Bowl, either the former or current format. Despite not watching the game in more years than I can remember I still consider the vote into the Pro Bowl an important recognition for players as well as an important marker for their career overall. Some players of course also have additional financial incentives in their contracts based on making it to the pro bowl. As far as the “marker” no one argues a player’s merits as a great player or even as a player that may or may not be elected to the Hall Of Fame without citing the number of Pro Bowls that a player has been formerly elected to.

As it applies to our Miami Dolphins we as fans have long complained about a number of standout players that were clearly overlooked for the honor in a specific year. In all fairness, the teams that tend to send the most players tend to also be the teams that are the most dominant that season. I honestly suspect that if the Phins just blow up the league next season we will see at least a handful of Dolphins voted into the game. Hopefully, if that does happen none of them can actually attend since they will instead be preparing for the biggest game of their lives.

So my way too early to ask question is based on all the improvements that this team has made how many and which players from the Dolphins would you expect to see earn Pro Bowl honors for the upcoming season? When I say improvements I mean a team’s offense that will be in its second year of the system, and this is an assumption at this point, which should make everyone on that side of the ball better, even the very sometimes porous offensive line. Then there are the additions of players to both offense and defense plus an obvious upgrade in the defensive coordinator that should reap benefits on the other side of the ball as well.

Please give us your choices and tell us why in the comments section below-