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What Other Hobbies Do You Have?

Dansby fishing Steve Waters/Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

So the safe assumption is that if you are on this site reading this post you are a fan of the Miami Dolphins. Thus following the Dolphins and whatever other sports teams you follow are at least some of your hobbies. Beyond that, nearly everyone has at least one other hobby. Be it playing music, fishing, working with your hands in some way (art, woodworking, etc), or collecting something. The list of possible hobbies is longer than I can even imagine.

So tonight’s question of the day is what other hobby or hobbies do you have besides following your Dolphins? Maybe you will find out that you have more in common with a fellow commenter on the site. Maybe you have a “hobby” that is super rare but would be also super interesting to others. Either way, we want to hear about what you like to do with your spare time when you can find some.

Please give us your answers in the comments section below-