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Best Miami Dolphins Player Ever...Not Named Marino?

NFL: DEC 05 Giants at Dolphins Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

So just a quick story. When the people that run SBNation decided that we needed something more interactive than just a nightly random live thread they sent me a list of questions. The idea is that I would ask questions and then post your responses to one of the questions on Friday evening. Since we already have the VOTW post every Friday night I then moved the answer post to Saturday evening and at times other random evenings. The concept works fairly well when enough folks answer the question but...the list of questions is a general list of questions for all NFL franchises. So that list, as you might expect, contains a lot of questions that just do not fit our team or our fanbase. The very first question on the list was who is the greatest player in team history. I suspect this may be a debatable question with most teams. It’s probably debatable for our team as well but if there were a poll Dan Marino would still garner well over 90% of the vote if I had to guess.

So why did I even bother to share that with you? Well, it’s kinda two-fold, it explains the headline of the post while also likely giving away tonight's question but it also highlights the fact that I need more questions. I make up most of the ones I ask but some days are not so good for just randomly coming up with questions that are not too idiotic or redundant to ask. For those of you that have any ideas for future questions in the nightly thread, you can add them to the comments in this post or email me directly at Any suggestions are greatly appreciated except for that one guy that emailed me with ideas of things...well he was clearly not trying to be friends. You can also email any other ideas you might have for the post or the site in general to me or Kevin, anytime. Now onto the business of the day.

As you already probably know, tonight’s question is who is the greatest player in Miami Dolphins history not named Dan Marino?

Please give us your answers and why you chose whoever you chose in the comments section below-