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Phinsider Faithful Weigh In On The Phins Draft Picks

NFL: MAY 12 Miami Dolphins Rookie Minicamp Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In this year's NFL draft, the Miami Dolphins went into the process with their hands tied behind their backs due to only having four picks after having a couple taken away by the league and others traded away for various other players. The team went from a draft where they originally had two first-round picks to one where they didn’t pick until the middle of the second round. Earlier this week I asked the question of which of the four draft picks the Phinsider faithful expected to have the most immediate impact. Below are some of the answers from that post-

Dolfan88 kicked off the party by going with the surprise pick of a corner who he things might wind up being a game-changing player for the Phins.

I think Cam Smith is going to be a game-changer, After we lost so many CBs last year and it’s possible all of them may not come back at full speed. Smith will fill in nicely!

MiMiami says it's obvious.

Obviously the lineman, Cam Smith.

EJPLAYA is looking forward to having a reliable returner on the roster.

Achane, because I think he’ll immediately step in as a returner, and that he’ll get a few passes thrown his way out of the backfield.

tpl believes that found ourselves a steal in the last round.

Ryan Hayes OT. Miami needs help at RT and LG. Hayes is a steal in round 7. At a minimum, he’ll back up Armstead.

daytonadolfan does what Bill tells him!

Gotta go with Bill on this and also the Achane kid looks deadly on speed.

TheRoo1 is looking for immediate-immediate!

Immediate impact?,,,,,,, hmmmmm Achane returns a punt for a TD against the evil Hoodie in week one.

Alpha6 is looking forward to the new hard-hitting corner.

think Cam Cam, Corner will be most impactful.

glen55 likes the new RB to impact the roster early this coming season.

Achane seems much more likely to have a role early in the season than anybody else.

CJT13 has a couple of guys in mind.

I think both Achane and Smith Could have an impact given the injury issues Miami has had in the past. But I think the player to have the biggest impact isn’t even on the team yet. That player being Brandon Shell. I think Miami is going to sign him after June 1st. The OL played much better after they got him last season. I think they have a handshake deal right now and sign him after June 1st.

AGuyFromThe305 is brief and to the point.


A lot of folks seem to be on board with our new running back/returner and the new hard-hitting corner. Let's hope that they all are as good or better than we think!

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