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Which One Would You Change And/Or Add?

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The NFL has more rules than many of us probably even know of due to the numerous so-called “obscure” rules. Some of those rules could likely be removed altogether or at the very least tweaked or even changed a great deal. The league also has a competition committee made up of owners, coaches, and various NFL team front-office members. The committee oversees various issues that apply to the game on the field but every year, during the offseason, they also propose themselves and/or receive proposals on rules from other stakeholders in the league to consider. They then meet and discuss the various proposals for changes to the rules, followed by the committee either voting to adopt a rule or a rule change, voting to not adopt or change a rule, or shelving the proposal for another day. At times they even decide to test a rule during the pre-season just to see if they wish to possibly adopt the rule at a future time after seeing how it works in real-time during real-game conditions.

So tonight’s question is if you were on the competition committee which rule would you push to add, remove or change first? This does not have to be a rule that was previously or is currently being considered but any rule change that you would see as a positive for the game overall.

Please give us your rule change and your thoughts on it in the comments section below-