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How far will the Miami Dolphins fly in 2023?

The Dolphins are set to fly the 3rd-most miles in the league next season.

SPORTS-CHRIS-PERKINS-I-LIKED-WHAT-1-FL Carline Jean/South Florida Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

In 2023, the Miami Dolphins are scheduled to fly 27,110 miles over 17 games, enough for the 3rd-most in the league, as per Adam Schefter on Twitter.

The Dolphins’ travel schedule is heavily skewed by their trip to Germany in November, where they’ll take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Frankfurt. Not to mention, three trips to the northeast to take on their division rivals don’t exactly help either.

However, the Dolphins did receive at least one scheduling break this year, in that they have one more home game (9) than road games (8). Last season, the Dolphins weren’t afforded such a luxury. They also will only fly across 18 time zones, 13th-least in the league.

Whilst the official schedule isn’t out yet, we do know Miami’s home and road opponents already. They are as follows: