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Do You Like Your Miami Dolphins Playing In International Games?

I know the whole concept of international games is something that we have discussed in the past. I for one do not like the NFL regular season games going overseas as I see it as a money grab by the NFL that hurts their fan bases in the cities where the teams actually reside. Every game that is played overseas features at least one team who loses a home game. If this was MLB or the NBA or even the NHL things are different as each of those leagues plays far more games in a season than the NFL. When a team only plays eight or nine regular season games at home taking one away is huge.

Then there are those fans that make a concerted effort to attend every game possible, both home and away. There is zero chance that the majority of those people want to also have to foot the bill to go to Europe for what will be a much more expensive and time-consuming trip. It’s not like you can go to Europe to see a game and return on a normal weekend either. I will never be on board with something that I see as a way to line the pockets of already super-rich people at the expense of fans who with very few exceptions have far less money to spend on their fanciful whims to make more money.

So as it applies to our team, our Miami Dolphins, how do you feel about having a game overseas this upcoming season? Does it make it better that we are at least the away team in this situation and we get to play the other team, the defending Super Bowl champions at that, in a neutral setting?

Please give us your thoughts on the NFL trying to push more and more games out of the country and into other countries in the name of money and how you specifically feel about how it affects our team in the comments section below-