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Where The Phinsider Faithful Watch Their Miami Dolphins

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Earlier this week I asked the question, where do you watch your Miami Dolphins games from? Below are some of the responses from our Phinsider faithful-

Dolfan88 isn’t leaving home!

Good evening! At home, even if it’s on TV or not, I listen to the Dolphins radio network

sdphinsfan mostly sticks to the house but will make an outing for a game at Arrowhead.

Mostly watch at home. But my favorite place to watch them play is actually Arrowhead Stadium. Chiefs fans are generally a blast and treat the away team’s fans pretty well (unless you are a Raiders or Broncos fan). And the environment...just can’t beat it on a crisp and cool fall afternoon... Note: Don’t do upper deck seating unless the weather is nice. The sight lines and view of the field are great, but if the wind is blowing, it can make for long afternoon...

daytonadolfan has the same issue that I have as I will soon reside in Gainesville.

I watch at home but half the games are blacked out because of Jacksonville so then we go to Houligans sports bar, great food , lot’s of Dolphin fans to cheer with and the owner is Dolphin fan so we usually get the biggest T.V. in the place. Plus if you take a booth they have little 20” T.V.’s at each booth.

21Dave is apparently living out all of our nightmares for us!

Usually in Alpha’s basement in a Bunny Costume and he is wearing a French Maid outfit with Pig Tails. It really weird cause he wears some wooden clogs and that’s not a French thing. I swear I fall for the BBQ trick every time!! He doesn’t even have a grill!!!

NeenerWhacker is doing, well I’m not really sure...

Spread Eagle on the couch with an ice cold cruiser in hand

THEphinz is taking a cue from Dave and Neener I guess...

Naked in my bean bag chairs eating cheetos and sipping code red. No better way

phinman013 goes about it in style.

In my seats in the Lexus Club section 118, row 39, on the 50.

KingYak6 is jealous but I feel his pain. Been there done that weekend crap!

So jealous of almost everyone’s response. I work in healthcare and work every other weekend, so half of the time I’m watching the game on my phone in between patients.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 has a story to tell!

I watch on tv at home, clapping and cursing, shouting and revelling like many of you. It’s been a wild 40 year ride for me for sure! Although I’m 1500 miles away, just a bit outside Toronto, Ontario, I pick up a lot of games from our divisional nemesis Buffalo CBS TV station. I have a premium cable package which of course picks up a lot of US tv but I have no special sports packages. With only Buffalo, a Detroit channel, the three or four nationally broadcasted games and some other luck, I actually managed to watch 13 of the 17 Miami regular season games last year (plus the playoff game of course)! Usually it’s only 7 or 8 Miami games that I manage see a year on tv. I’m still kicking myself for not going to the one (and quite possibly only ever) regular season game Miami played in Toronto back in 2008. Back then Buffalo had worked a deal with a local cable TV magnate here in Toronto to host four or five Bills home games, one per year in our city. The games were played in the stadium known back then as the ‘Sky Dome’ (the long time and current home of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team). Miami was the first visiting team to play here under that deal. Ticket prices were freak even back then, well in excess of a $100 Cdn. plus expenses (I know, that’s chump change in your yankee money!). That would have been money well spent for what could have been a once in a lifetime experience. I hope one day to get to Florida to watch a Dolphins home game. That would be the best. I guess there’s always Buffalo (groan), about 3 hours from my home, though I can’t imagine what tickets are going for these days - and in American money!

Bill Moody really seems to dig pizza places...fair!

Our local spot (Lamppost Pizza) that my friends and I went to for over 15 years was a COVID casualty, so now its either at someone’s house or a local pizza/bar called Surf Dogs... And of course, I try to go to an away game each year (hit 3 last season, plan for 2 this season... thanks for moving to Los Angeles, Chargers), so sometimes at the game.

Jimsoz is fighting the good fight from within enemy territory!

Here in NYC Slattery’s is the place to watch our Phins play. Always a great crowd from all over the USA and around the world! Great 2 floor bar that only plays Dolphin games on all the TVs upstairs and down! Great food as well as hands on ownership! John and Justin are warm and welcoming

Dolphan680265 likes to watch from the lawn.

On the side of a house. A friend of mine has a projector and he puts the night games on the side of his neighbors house.

Well that was certainly one of the most interesting lists of answers we have received even if some might give me nightmares. Thank you to everyone that took part.

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