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Most Surprising Miami Dolphins Draft Pick?

Miami Dolphins v New York Giants

Last night I asked which was the most disappointing Miami Dolphins draft pick in your opinion. Tonight we flip the script and focus on those guys that get drafted, usually in the later rounds of the NFL draft, that makes you shrug your shoulders and say meh! It's not that we don’t like having those later-round picks, most of us have just become conditioned to consider those guys that will if all works out will be more of a backup or a solid special teams guy or maybe a halfway decent rotational guy even if they never start. Then it happens, sometimes it happens in camp and in the pre-season games and sometimes it takes a couple to a few years. Eventually, there’s just that guy that works his a** off and becomes not only a solid part of the roster but sometimes even one of the team's more reliable starters and plays well above his prior draft status.

So tonight’s question is which of the Miami Dolphins' past draft picks, that perhaps you didn’t expect much from if anything, but in the end, were the biggest surprise to you?

Please give us your thoughts in the comments section below-