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Which Miami Dolphins Player Diassapointed The Most?

Miami Dolphins Training Camp

Every offseason Miami Dolphins fans wait to see who the team will select in that year's NFL draft. Most fans are eternally hopeful that their team will either win big the next season or get themselves headed in the right direction to win in the future. The improvement for most teams comes via free agency and the draft but the really successful franchises over time keep things rolling by drafting smart and then trading away their valuable players right as they are about to become huge dollar players.

As far as our own Dolphins the draft has been a mix of good, great, bad, and embarrassing. Miami has hit big on some picks and some are such epic failures that the fan base would have just forgotten about them had they not been such a giant bag of suck. So much hope has been put into so many drafted players, especially first-rounders, only to feel like the front office robbed every one of us fans after a couple of years and the realization that the guy either can’t play at this level or can’t get his s**t together long enough to even be able to stay in the NFL.

So tonight’s question is who is your all-time most disappointing Miami Dolphins draft pick and why?

Please give us your thoughts in the comments section below-