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Where Do You Watch Your Miami Dolphins On Gameday?

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Football is one of those sports, that depending on your point of view, can be enjoyed either more or less by where you watch the game and based on your individual point of view of each of your options. Some fans would not miss a home game at the stadium. Some fans enjoy watching their teams from the comfort of their own home. Then others like to go out to a sports bar to enjoy the game with some food and a few brews.

Seeing the game live has its obvious advantages but based on the weather, your seats, the distance between your seats and the field of play, and just the fact that it’s not always possible to tell what is happening on every play depending on your angle of view on any particular play can all be drawbacks. Then there is the amazing feeling of cheering the team onto victory with 70K plus other fans. There's also tailgating which is great food with good friends and where you can often times meet new friends. Another negative is trying to get out of the damn parking lot and home after the festivities but it's much less of a beating after a win versus a loss.

There are those fans that prefer to stay home and watch the game from the comfort of their own surroundings. You have your own food, drink, and possibly the best part, your own restrooms. Watching the game on a nice flatscreen in HD at home has advantages over the stadium as you can see every play as it happens from every view. You can pause the action to run to your own bathroom with zero wait time or to go grab more food or drink and then easily catch back up to the game live when you return. The down fall to staying home is not being able to cheer on your team to victory with all of those other rabid fans like yourself and there's no way to say “I was there!” when something great or amazing happens in a game.

Then there’s the sports bar. It's kind of the middle ground to the stadium. It’s still cheaper than going to the game but by no means cheap, at least it’s never wound up being cheap for me by the time I got out of there. Those sweet waitresses will just keep bringing the food and drink as long as your party will continue to consume them. Like at home you will still have a better view of a lot of the plays but you also have to deal with other fans, which at times can be awesome and at times horrible if there is even one ass that wants to make things weird or uncomfortable for others.

So tonight's question is how do you watch your Miami Dolphins on Sundays and of the options, which is your favorite place to watch the games?

Please give us your answers in the comments sections below-