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Miami Dolphins undrafted free agent 2023 tracker

The 2023 NFL Draft has come to an end, which means it is time for another round of free agency as undrafted players begin signing with teams.

NFL: London Games-City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2023 NFL Draft has closed, with 259 college prospects being added to team rosters over the last three days. Those are not the only rookies who will be in the league this year, however, as we are now into the undrafted free agent frenzy portion of the NFL calendar. College prospects who were not selected in the Draft are free to sign with any NFL team, similar to the unrestricted free agency period that began back in March.

The Miami Dolphins should be busy in the UDFA market, looking to add players who maybe had an issue that kept them from being selected but still have the potential to develop into professional players. WiothWe will keep up with all of the rumors and signings here.

As we put out every year, remember nothing is official with UDFAs until the team announces the signing. Every year it seems as though there are reports of a signing, only to have another team swoop in with a better deal and sign the prospect. It has gone so far as a player boarding a plane for one destination, but signing with a different team during the trip. While we will probably know most of the UDFA signings, just remember everything can change in an instant when it comes to these moves..

Dolphins 2023 draft picks

2nd Round (51st overall) - Cam Smith, CB, South Carolina

3rd Round (84th overall) - Devon Achane, RB, Texas A&M

6th Round (197th overall) - Elijah Higgins, WR, Stanford

7th Round (238th overall) - Ryan Hayes, OT, Michigan

Dolphins 2023 Undrafted Free Agent Signings/Reports
(as of 12:03 p.m. ET, 5/1/23)

All of these signings are “reported” and subject to change, as discussed above. The Dolphins will announce them once the contracts are officially signed and executed.

Aubrey Miller, LB, Jackson State - via Field Yates

James Blackman, QB, Arkansas State - via Tom Pelissero

Alama Uluave, OL, San Diego State - via Aaron Wilson

Brandon Pili, DL, USC - via Tom Pelissero

Bennett Williams, S, Oregon - via Barry Jackson

Chris Brooks, RB, BYU - via Barry Jackson

Ezekiel Vandenberg, LB, Illinois State - via Barry Jackson

Julian Hill, TE, Campbell - via Barry Jackson

Jarrett Horst, OT, Michigan State - via Simon Clancy

Anthony Montalvo, DT, UCF - via Simon Clancy

Randy Charlton, Edge, Mississippi State - via Simon Clancy

Daewood Davis, WR, Western Kentucky - via Barry Jackson

Ethan Bonner, CB, Stanford - via Simon Clancy

Mitchell Agude, Edge, Miami - via Field Yates

Garrett Nelson, Edge, Nebraska - via Vanguard Sports Group

Michael Turk, P, Oklahoma (nephew of former Dolphins punter Matt Turk) - via Aaron Wilson

DJ Scaife, OL, Miami - via Barry Jackson

Leonard Taylor, TE, Cincinnati - via Simon Clancy

Alex Jensen, OT, South Dakota - via Barry Jackson

Chris Coleman, WR, Cal Poly - via Barry Jackson

Keidron Smith, DB, Kentucky - via Chris Beasmore

James Tunstall, OT, Cincinnati - via Barry Jackson

Aidan Borguet, RB, Harvard (Minicamp invite)

Datrone Young, CB, Duke (Minicamp invite)

Eric Abojei, G, Wyoming (Minicamp invite) - via Aaron Wilson

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