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5 trades the Miami Dolphins could make on the final days of the 2023 NFL Draft

With tons of trade rumors swirling, here are several moves the Miami Dolphins could make on the final days of the 2023 NFL Draft

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Day two of the draft kicks off tonight, and the Miami Dolphins are finally on the clock. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be making their selections at No. 51 and No. 84, as many great players are still available, and tons of trade rumors are still out there. With that said, let’s take a look five(ish) trades the Dolphins could make in the next 48 hours.

The Miami Dolphins trade wide receiver Cedrick Wilson for a late-round pick.

One look at the Dolphins’ loaded wide receiver corps, and there is no doubt the Dolphins would like to trade veteran wideout, Cedrick Wilson. General manager Chris Grier also confirmed other teams’ interest but admitted he wanted to ‘do right’ by the player. Which, to me, is a fancy way of saying #hegone

Wilson had a disappointing 2022 season catching only 18 receptions for 136 yards, and won’t fetch more than a day-three pick. But for the money it would clear in cap space alone ($7.375M), the deal is a no-brainer.

The Miami Dolphins trade for Detroit Lions running back D’Andre Swift

I brought this up on Twitter and received mixed reactions, but I’d 100% take a flyer on D’andre Swift. He’s 24 and is projected to make roughly $2.165 million in 2023 before becoming a free agent in 2024. His production hasn’t been the best — rushing for only 542 yards and five touchdowns in 2022 — and there has to be a reason Detroit doesn’t want him, but that wouldn’t stop me.

Especially when you consider it shouldn’t cost a fortune. The Lions already traded their third-overall pick in 2020, cornerback Jeff Okudah, to the Atlanta Falcons for a 2023 fifth-rounder. I know he hasn’t lived up to his potential, but as a Fantasy Football sicko, I don’t see what it would hurt to take a gamble. Send it in!

Dalvin Cook is traded from the Minnesota Vikings to the Miami Dolphins for a future draft pick.

Cook has been consistently linked to the Dolphins, so we could see a trade go down any minute. Considering his low salary, I’d lean toward Swift, but no one can deny that Dalvin Cook is on an entirely different tier. And if the point of bringing in a running back is to improve the offense, this is where you turn. He’s been insanely productive on the ground — with a reported torn shoulder over the last few seasons — putting up 107 yards a game in 2022. He’s also an asset in the passing game as a route-runner and pass-catcher. He would be a game-changer and the most dynamic RB available in recent trade rumors unless…

The Titans trade Derrick Henry and the Dolphins get the second coming of Ricky Williams.

If you’re looking for the best running back that has been discussed this offseason in trade rumors, then look no further than Titans juggernaut Derrick Henry. I still don’t believe Tennessee will part ways with the bruising running back, but if he were really to be involved in trade discussions, you would hope the Dolphins have at least picked up the phone. He’s an #elite running back that would completely change the way defenses attacked Miami’s offense. The Dolphins' offense would be overpowered and nearly unstoppable.

What if the Miami Dolphins want to trade up on Day 2 of the NFL Draft? Here are five players worth trading up for (IMO):

  • Joey Porter Jr., Cornerback, Penn State
  • Dawand Jones, Offensive Tackle, Ohio State
  • Brian Branch, Safety, Alabama
  • Michael Mayer, Tight End, Notre Dame (I like Darnell Washington and Tucker Kraft more, but I don’t think Mayer should be here)
  • O’Cyrus Torrence, Offensive Guard, Florida

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  • Darnell Washington, Tight End, Georgia
  • Zach Charbonet, Running Back, UCLA
  • Tucker Kraft, Tight End, South Dakota State
  • Cody Mauch, Offensive Tackle, North Dakota State
  • Blake Freeland, Offensive Tackle, BYU
  • Sam LaPorta, Tight End, Iowa
  • TyJae Spears, Running Back, Tulane
  • Matthew Bergeron, Offensive Tackle, Syracuse
  • Jonathan Mingo, Wide Receiver, Ole Miss
  • Steve Avila, Offensive Guard, TCU
  • Devon Achane, Running Back, Texas A&M
  • Noah Sewell, Linebacker, Oregon

The Dolphins could also move down, but based on the way the draft board currently sits, I’m not even going to try to project which players could fall into the Miami Dolphins' lap on day two.

Enjoy the Draft!!!

(P.S. I know this isn’t really ‘five trades,’ but I hope you enjoyed it :) )

What are your thoughts on D’Andre Swift? Would you prefer Dalvin Cook or Derrick Henry? Which prospects do you think are worth trading up for? Who do you hope the Miami Dolphins select on day two of the draft? Let us know in the comments section below!