MCD "Nerd Boy's" Draft

Well - its here draft day ! Sadly GRIER has traded away a lot of the draft from last years deal for The MIDGET WARRIOR Hill, and more recently DE Chubb. What Miami has done is go ALL IN for the next 2 years, that's when we will haver serious issues from lack of recent drafting young players and expiring contracts...etc.

Tyreke played great last year - but make no mistake - If we don't make a SB trip - THIS TRADE WAS A FAILURE. The Chiefs already used our draft picks to rebuild and WIN a SB... They won the trade....Rings don't lie.

Now we definitely can make our own history and run to the SB - Hill did his part, but TUA, Grier, MCD, and many others failed us last year. You see its about WINNING A SB. If you don't want a ring, then why even bother ?

Now - This years looks exciting on paper. I feel like we should WIN a minimum of 11 games but even more should be expected - If TUA doesn't fall apart again. MCD has already put his stamp on this team, and the draft, where we ARE SURE TO TAKE A TE - is his next move. I fear they will blow this draft like so many others...

What we should do is - Draft a TACKLE and then LB well ahead of the TE he so desperately wants. TE's take longer than most positions to acclimate to the NFL... and NERD BOY barely used ours WTH.

Sure we need another TE - but this OL is average - DO NOT COUNT ON LIAM OR AUSTIN draft replacements ...MCD - Trading for away so many picks - your punishment is NOT DRAFTIG A TE with the first two selections.... lastly, a STUD RB is very tempting - but again we don't have enough picks....I wonder who traded away all those picks the last 2 years ????

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