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WATCH: Final Miami Dolphins mock for 2023 NFL Draft

Predictions for Miami Dolphins 2023 NFL Draft (with trades)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 29 Indiana State at South Dakota State Photo by Bailey Hillesheim/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2023 NFL Draft begins tonight! No, the Miami Dolphins may not own a first round pick — yet — however, that shouldn’t fully stop Miami Dolphins’ fans from enjoying the festivities. Will a supposed darling slide? Will a team throw everyone a curveball and reach on someone who was expected to be picked much later? Will the Jets blow their selection? Probably.

The NFL Draft is the one time a year when hope springs anew for all 32 NFL clubs. This year, the Dolphins only own four selections, but could certainly add more if they were to trade down from their picks at 51 or 84.

Which positions are the Dolphins targeting? Most draft pundits think they’ll be looking at the tight end class — a deep one in most analysts minds. A new offensive line addition or two also seems to be at the forefront of fans’ minds. Could Miami nab a linebacker? Maybe they have their eyes on a running back?

The Dolphins have set themselves up nicely to be able to target a multitude of positions in this year’s draft, which makes it even more of a guessing game when deciding who they’ll take at certain slots.

In the latest edition of Dolphins Detail on YouTube seen below, Jake Mendel and Marek Brave partake in a live mock draft for the Miami Dolphins — complete with realistic trade scenarios and at least three impact selections that should immediately help the team in very key areas. Make sure you subscribe for all of the latest content!