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Phinsider Faithful Put A Value On A Miami Dolphins Championship

NFL: Patriots Beat Dolphins 49-28 Photo by Bob Leverone/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

Earlier in the week I asked the question, what would you, as a fan of the Miami Dolphins, be willing to give up now or down the road to secure just one more Super Bowl victory for the franchise? Below are some of your comments-

FLSurferMike has placed a low value on what he’s willing to give up.

A ham sammich

Sloppy just wants that win as a long-suffering true blue fan!

To me, it is worth all the pain and misery that I have gone through as a fan. I love my teams and I never turn my back on the teams I root for. In my youth, I picked my teams based on the players I loved. Dan Marino Monday night vs the Bears to stop the undefeated team was when I fell in love with the Dolphins and I have never looked back. Bring me one Super Bowl and all the missteps in the draft, free agency, playoff losses, etc will all be erased and it was worth the wait. I am a Cleveland Cavs fan also. Fell in love with them during the Brad Daugherty and Mark Price years. When the Cavs got their title in 2016 it erased the bitterness of “the shot”, the injuries that kept them from competing at the level they should and the bad draft picks ie Tristan Thompson over Kawhi Leonard, and the dumb letter Dan Gilbert sent out after Lebron left the first time. Titles heal all wounds and make the pain of being a fan worth it.

MIAMI235 is also going with food but he did seem to one-up the guy with the ham sandwich so there's that...


Bill Moody-We feel you brother! We all feel your pain!!!!

I support the team on the road each season attending at least one game... last season was 3 (Chicago, SF, LAC). I’ve been doing this for 10+ seasons now. I think I’ve done my part, now it's the team’s turn to give back and win something meaningful.

daytonadolfan stated his POV in sarcasm but I am honestly not so sure that he would not surrender a body part for another trophy...

Evening........................maybe a kidney? I mean I have two soooooo......

PhinsTifosi ideas seem okay as long as we are not talking kidnapping or worse...

Steven Ross’ arm, leg, and first born . . .

finfanfromsiam should just go ahead and keep his kids IMO!

Evening! My last offspring......last ones were females....

Alpha6 is going ALL in!

My left nut. I’m not using it anyway.

USMCFinzFreak just wants the chance to share the moment with his son!

It means I can die a happy man. I’ve witnessed the glory years and rooted for this team ever since. My son, on the other hand, was subjected to decades of mediocrity. Poor guy, he was indoctrinated early in his life to love the Dolphins. We both said that if the Dolphins make it to the SB, we will attend the game. It would be a happy thing for me to share in the joy of winning a SB with him,

Dolfanjoe is on to something. First off, yes it's a strange question but I run out of things to ask if I am being honest (seriously, some days I just don’t want to bother). Otherwise, I agree. We do our part as fans and we should be repaid in kind but we are at the mercy of people with far more money and power than us. PS- I don’t know if you were asking me but I have zero idea what happened to your comment.

Strange question there James! Give up personally? Not a dam thing! I support my team by watching and investing my time. I have spent money going to games and watching at Sports bars. But win or lose it is just a game. The Sun seems to still come up every Monday morning. The NFL has taken sides in politics, the money many players are getting is obscene! How much did the Redskins sell for? This is a distraction, from real life nothing more. And Alpha keeps that left nut, using it or not. We already give plenty and have to put up with an incredible amount of garbage they feed us down our throats on a regular basis. Give up personally, we do every time we turn that machine on and tune in........................................

Call_for_the_Priest’77 has a story that hits way too close to home. I feel you bro!

I believe that most of us frustrated Dolphins fans have found lasting enjoyment from rooting on favorites in others sports to championship glory. For me, the NY Islanders Stanley Cup hockey run from 1980 - 83 was as glorious as it gets (though nobody needs to question my Dolphins' loyalty as the Islanders are as far as I go when it comes to NY-based teams!). The back-to-back Toronto Blue Jays World Series titles in ‘92 and ‘93 were powerful moments as well with the bonus of being my local team! Most recently were the 2019 NBA Toronto Raptors, another local favorite gone great! Nobody on either side of the border predicted them to be champs that year. There is something special about following a team for an entire season and who wins it all. It’s the same kind of feeling one gets after completing a job well done. But a Miami Dolphins Superbowl? That would be the most special of all. I say this because Miami is the only sports team I have regularly followed since day 1 of being a fan, starting way back around 1982. Not once have I ever switched loyalties. Even during those earlier pre-internet days (or modern stone age for you millennials), I would be checking the tv every Sunday for any Miami games, listening to sports shows on radio/tv, and then reading the Tuesday newspaper for stats and any stories regarding my long distance heroes of the south. Every year I’d be thinking of Shula and Marino. Ok, this has got to finally work!... Yet it never did. The Dolphins have been a part of my life for the last 40+ years. A SB win for us would mean a lot to me. I think it would answer the question why I go through this year after year. To me this feat echoes one word, loudly in my mind - FINALLY!

biedergb is right and my comment was not personal at all. I was born in 1970 so while I was on the earth for both I can barely remember anything about them.

“but the last time the team won a Super Bowl has been longer than the majority of us have been alive, aka way too damn long!” Whoa now The last SB win was 4 days before I was born. So not that long ago .... oh wait ... darn. Well, I have been waiting my whole life for a SB victory literally, so it would be worth a lot.

Tua2HillWaddle is someone that I have never seen before so hi and stuff! Your feelings are most likely universal among the vast majority of Phins fans!

I’ve given up enough of my life already. I need to see more than just 1 SB win and then done - playoff purgatory isn’t enough either. Multiple championships is what I want. What will I pay? I’ve paid enough already.

As is probably the correct answer most were not willing to give up anything as we have all spent money and time and effort to support this team despite being disappointed over and over and over again. Now what’s going on with Johnny, that's a question that is never meant to be answered.

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