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The Phinsider Weights In: Which Miami Dolphins Player Do They Want To Have Their Back?

Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Earlier this week I asked if you were in a barroom fight or got caught up with some unsavory folk in an alley which Miami Dolphins players would you want to have your back in the scrum? Below are some of your answers-

daytonadolfan kicked things off with the person that would be my first choice. Have I mentioned that the pissed-off version of Wilkins is the best version of Wilkins?

Hands down, Wilkins!

TheRoo1 chimes in with a second vote for the big man!

Christian Wilkins, because no matter how the altercation turns out, having spent the evening with a player with his energy and attitude, would make whatever else happens,,,,, worth it.

FLSurferMike makes me think that the answer may have just been too obvious...

A vote for Wilkins from me too. The other 2 ....Phillips, Hunt.

Snook2006 has gone all kinds of a rogue with this choice given that he’s no longer with us!

Lawrence Phillips.

72Phins4ever gave us who would be my easy second choice!

Terron Armstead

21Dave didn't really follow the question but still made solid choices!

R. Davis, Ritchie Incognito, and Brian Cox. Davis is a mountain of a man and Ritchie and Brian I don’t think ever have backed down from a fight!!

Molly Polly II brought it with solid choices!

Lol…cmon Finzfanz….let’s hear it! I suppose the Big 3 (Wilkins, Seiler n Phillips) would prob be the obvious choices. But I would be remiss if I didn’t give a vote to Holland. If he handles a bar fight like he hits on the field… out fellas! GO FINZ!

edwinpena went new school and old school. Not sure how well those old dudes would hold up today.

Armstead, Wilkins, Ogbah, Bowens, Baumhower, Bokamper. Those guys together can defeat a small country.

Jonowoodie is the kind of dedicated fan that we need except then we might not have any more fans.

Cheetah, penguin, and Mosteart. They can run and I’ll take a beating. That way none of them will get suspended. I’ll take a beating for my phins.

finfanfromsiam went big, small, and big again!

Wilkins, Reek, and Armstead!

Well, it seems as if most either went with Christian Wilkins or at least added him to their group. Nothing like someone that will make you laugh the entire time that you are having your a** handed to you.

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