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WATCH: What is the best strategy for the Miami Dolphins in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Will the Dolphins target offensive linemen, tight ends or defensive players early?

Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The 2023 NFL Draft is fast approaching, and while the Miami Dolphins do not own a smorgasbord of picks like they have in years past, they still have some valuable selections that could help bolster an already excellent roster. However, with so few picks — Miami only owns four, and only two in the top three rounds — Dolphins general manager Chris Grier is under pressure to get those selections right.

So what positions may the Dolphins be targeting early in the draft this year?

It’s smokescreen season, so take every rumor you hear with a grain of salt, even if that rumor comes from the general manager himself. While speaking with the South Florida media on Wednesday, Chris Grier said that the expectation is that Austin Jackson will remain the team’s starting right tackle heading into the 2023 NFL season. This quote from Grier sent Miami Dolphins Twitter into a tailspin, with many people declaring the season over before it even begins if Jackson remains the starter at right tackle.

While I have also been disappointed with Jackson’s play along the offensive line during his tenure with Miami, I don’t believe for a second that Grier’s comments mean the Dolphins wouldn’t consider a tackle with their first selection at pick #51 if a solid player like Ohio State’s Dawand Jones or Oklahoma’s Anton Harrison fell into their lap.

Maybe you’d prefer Miami to draft a tight end early? Miami’s assistant general manager Marvin Allen may have tipped the Dolphins’ hand yesterday.

“This is one of the deeper tight end drafts that there’s been in the last several years, so we feel good about having an opportunity to draft a good football player if he’s available when we’re picking.”

Most draft pundits are in agreement that this year’s tight end class is one of the deepest positions available. The Dolphins will have plenty to choose from at #51 if that is the direction they’re leaning. Georgia’s Darnell Washington is a massive player who blocks like a lineman, but can also go up and snag the ball with ease. South Dakota State’s Tucker Kraft has been gaining momentum throughout the pre-draft process and the Dolphins have been doing their due diligence on the young prospect.

If Miami bypasses offensive linemen and tight ends early, could an interior defensive lineman be the way to go, especially when you consider the fact that Christian Wilkins, Zach Sieler and Raekwon Davis are all on the last years of their deals and need to either be re-signed or let go at the end of the 2023 season?

Michigan’s Mazi Smith could be a perfect nose tackle in defensive coordinator Vic Fangio’s system if he were to slip into the second round of the draft. Wisconsin’s Keeanu Benton is more of a quick twitch penetrating type, but could also be a fine addition if Grier and company want to make him a Dolphin.

There are plenty of ways to help the Miami Dolphins during the 2023 NFL Draft, but which pathway is the best option if this team wants to win big now?

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