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Positions that the Dolphins are set at according to the Phinsider faithful!

Miami Dolphins Introduce Cornerback Jalen Ramsey Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

In a post earlier this week, I asked the question, what position, positions, or units are the Miami Dolphins set at going into the 2023 season? Below are some of your answers.

Robert Burstein had a few suggestions...

This question can be interpreted in a few ways. If he is asking from a starting point, then I would say almost every position if filled but maybe OL and a rotational TE. If the question means which position is a rookie or late addition unlikely to make the roster then I would say QB & WR are pretty much set and have depth. All other positions could use depth and/or competition for a roster spot.

dolphinfan1323 does not think that any position is set going into 2023. I suspect he never will...

I wouldn’t say any position is really set for this coming year maybe QB can’t really invest anything more in that position at this time. I would like to say the offensive line was set but unfortunately, it is far from it. I still think we could use a good 3rd wr Would have been nice to bring back Trent Sherfield

FLSurferMike thinks several spots on the roster are set and ready to go.

Set for this year? DT, DE, CB, WR, QB, LT, and FS. I would say center too..... but yeah, who knows if they kick him back out to guard or not.

SuperG! is at least really jazzed about our long snapper...I guess?

Long snapper.

Dolfanjoe is just looking for more solid depth across the entire roster.

This team like all teams could use depth. Very little will come from the draft. Possibly, we could see some undrafted take quite a few positions on the practice squad and the 53. There will still be the final cutdown day and with our June cuts, we should have enough money for a move or two. Better depth is where we are lacking, but aren’t most teams?

Miami’s Jester seems to be happy with the roster but is hoping for depth and some players that could possibly push the assumed starters for some playing time.

I would say we are set at Edge. Between Chubb and Phillips we have 2 guys that can rush great. I would probably say rotation between Wilkins, Sieler, Ogbah, and Davis might need one more for depth, but I hear NT a lot.. I don’t think we need another NT, if anything I would say another player that is more of a 3Tech that knows how to disrupt. Wilkins and Sieler are amazing IDL for run stuffing. Phillips is even really good off the edge against the run, we don’t need another NT type that is only there to plug holes in running game. I wouldn’t someone who can get by those guards and take that pocket away. LB seems to be filling up as well, and CB wouldn’t be bad if everyone comes back great from injury. I would like to see another Safety that can push McKinnley for the spot behind Holland. Personally I think it is time to give up on Iggy at CB and see if he could make that transition to Safety. I think he is better when he gets to look at the QB more than covering. I would still like to see RB competition. I don’t want to see anymore WR’s signed... if you looks at ESPN they even show Berrios as the starter over Wilson.... That was a failed signing and we need to get what we can for him now.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 like most Dolphins fans is hoping for another tight end and some O-Line help like yesterday!

I think we are set at every position except one, the O-line (and I guess TE as well). Unfortunately, this is the most important position unit on any team. I think the current unit as it stands now will not be enough to improve our running game to league average, provide enough depth for injuries or give the best pass protection for Tua. I’m hoping we can do something in the draft to correct these issues. I would have preferred to have signed a top-level FA T or G (in addition to drafting) though that seems less likely now. It’s more surprising to me considering we are close to having a solid line and the upgrades would not be a financial handicap. Let’s hope we get this right this year.

TheRoo1 seems happy with the current roster of wideouts.

Wide receiver, with Gesicki gone Wilson becomes the tallest weapon in the middle, and should get used more, especially with Berrios taking over most return duties.

Luvs2drnk2.0 feels good about the wideouts and running backs as well as the defensive backs.

Honestly, the only two positions I feel confident about this season are the WRs and RBs. I would add the secondary as a third, but with a new DC and defensive scheme. It’s hard to know for certain the guys we have will be able to perform at the same level. For all we know, positions we thought were weaknesses could become strengths (LBs), and positions of strength could become weaknesses (DBs). The same could be said about the OL this year with yet another OL coach.

72Phins4ever likes a few of the position groups but would like some depth and youth added to a few spots on the team.

I have noticed that these types of questions get reposted so I will be serious here. First, let me say that just because you are set at a position does not mean you do not upgrade it if you get the chance. Moving to a shell coverage D and assuming E. Campbell signs his tender we are very good at DB (CB and Safety). OLB is a very strong group. WR is solid but still could use an addition. RB looks solid but needs youth for the future.

Thomas23059 thinks the roster may be set to roll but expects the team to continue to sign guys to develop and take over roster spots in the future.

Is any team ever really set at any position? You just never know what is going to happen. This team is good enough right now to compete with every team in the league. They need depth, especially on the line, but that is by design. Let players like Brandon Shell find out if someone will pay them as a starter, and if no one does, then swoop in and offer them backup money. But it is entirely possible that every starter for the first game is already on the roster. I wouldn’t be surprised if, despite all the hopes and dreams, most of Miami’s picks in the draft are developmental players who might not play very much in 2023. Look at what the Dolphins did last season for clues to the draft. They signed players like Sherfield, Cracraft, Elandon Roberts, and Duke Riley to one year contracts and the drafted a WR and LB, who say a year and are now expected to contribute with Sherfield and Roberts gone. Where will they need players in 2024? Offensive and defensive line, running back, and TE. Those are the positions where I would expect them to still be looking for young players to develop.

So it seems as if many of our readers believe that the team is set in most of its current position groups but I suspect that everyone knows that we need more help along the O-Line and more quality depth at other positions.

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