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We need more Dolphins player nicknames!

NFL: SEP 18 Dolphins at Ravens Photo by Randy Litzinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sports probably lead any other segment of entertainment in the number of nicknames given to people involved in that segment. Of all the sports, football might lead the pack, at least in this country in dolling out nicknames. We give nicknames to players, coaches, teams, teams units, and even entire offenses and defenses. Our own team has had most if not all of those covered at one point or another. Some of these nicknames were not even flattering, especially as it applies to coaches over the last couple of decades or a certain offensive lineman that was just called “The Turnstile” (sometimes I feel like this could have applied to the entire OL). Now we have players like the Cheeta and the Penguin but what about the rest?

So tonight's question is simple, what are some other nicknames that we can give to our other players, our coaches, and even our defensive or offensive unit of the Miami Dolphins? On a team full of star players and emerging star players some of them certainly deserve their own moniker.

Please give us your ideas and thoughts in the comments section below-