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What Is A Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Worth To You?

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Our Miami Dolphins have had a ton of success in the franchise's long history but the last time the team won a Super Bowl has been longer than the majority of us have been alive, aka way too damn long! So now we are at the end of what was yet another rebuild of the team and now the team actually seems like they are headed in the right direction and ready to make some noise in the league. Of course, a lot of things have to go right at the right time for the team to even be in a position to get to the Super Bowl, let alone win one, but getting things going in the right direction is certainly the first step towards any chance of winning possibly the biggest prize in sports.

What it would actually take for this team to make it to the big game and walk away with the trophy is something that we could debate forever. But what would you personally be willing to give up for the team to return to Miami with the Super Bowl trophy? By what would you be willing to give up I mean would you be okay with yet another decade of fielding terrible teams if they could just secure one championship? A half a decade? What’s the ultimate prize worth to you as a fan so far as what it would cost the team in the near and long term?

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