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Phinsider Faithful Weigh In On Best Miami Dolphins Position Unit

NFL: OCT 30 Dolphins at Lions Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Earlier this week I asked the Phinsider faithful which of the position units were the best/strength of the team going into the 2023 season. Below are some of your answers and thoughts on the subject-

Alpha6 didn’t want to just choose one position but instead focused on an entire side of the ball.

Best unit? Defense (on paper) Offense (proven) So today, Offense wins out...

sdphinsfan believes in the big guys up front in the middle of the defense!

Its weird...because we are talking about the Miami Dolphins here...and there are multiple strong position groups that you could make a real good argument for. Edge...WR...CB...But I like the interior Dline group with Wilkins and Seiler. Davis is getting there but he needs to come on strong. We need some depth so that we can rotate guys and not have a big drop off. You could literally pick any of 3 or 4 groups and not be wrong.

daytonadolfan is in with Johnny...

Offense ....if we get a good line together!

Spok507 likes our wide receiver unit which might be both our best position unit and the best WR unit in the entire NFL.

Strongest unit? WR in my opinion. Two elite WRs plus Wilson, Berrios, and a few like EZ and Cracraft could take a step up this season. I don’t know much about Swain or Sanders, but hopefully, Tua can develop trust with them. Just having Hill and Waddle on the field forces defenses to change their coverage to account for them. Smythe is a good outlet when needed, and if they can add another good all-around TE in the draft, I’d say the passing game could be considered elite.

72Phins4ever has likely not met all of us...

The Phinsider fans are the strongest unit.

Blaze453 might not have understood the assignment or is just going rogue, hard to tell around here...


Dolfanjoe is all about the team concept.

Hoping the 23 version of the Miami Dolphins are the strongest unit we have seen in years!

21Dave doesn’t know yet...

Honestly, right now we are a Team of “If’s”. If the OL can gel if Chubb and Phillips can grow and get pressure. If Long and Baker take to this new system. If X gets healthy, if Ramsey is still above avg. if Tua can stay in the field. This is a lot of if’s. We have a very very good team on paper no doubt, but now we have to perform and stay healthy for an entire year. This is my only concern, controlling the Ifs. Phins Up!!

SlayerNation1 is mostly concerned with the coaching staff coming together and putting things together correctly.

In the end, it best is Coaching as the strongest. It is hard to overcome poor coaching. Set aside injuries, and misfortune for 2022, MMD left a lot on the field with countless clock management gaffes. The less said about Boyer, the better. ST underwhelming. Coaching holistically should be more mature in 2023 which can translate to incremental wins in close games.

dolphinfan1323 understood the question and is going to go with the secondary.

So ppl just saying offense or defenses I think they are asking for more of a position group and that’s kinda a tuff one it feels like every position has weaknesses. I would say secondary is the team's strength if x can return to form and Ramsey still has it and others can come back after season-ending injuries last season

Well, it seems as if everyone was all over the place with their choices but we wouldn't be Miami Dolphins fans if we all agreed on anything. I’m still not over that guy that said Marino sucked so you know...whatever... Once again, thank you to everyone that chimed in with an answer or comment. Nothing works on this site without you!

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