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Best all-time Miami Dolphins defender, according to you!

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Earlier this week I asked who was, in your opinion, the best or greatest defensive player to ever play for the Miami Dolphins. Below are some of the answers from the Phinsider faithful-

daytonadolfan can never just have one!

Taylor, Thomas, Wake, and Cox to name a few!

21Dave went with our newest HOF inductee!

So …… no disrespect to the older generation, I’m almost part of it. But this is easy, Zach hands down. The guy gave everything on every play. Undersized and played twice his size. Followed close by JT and Wake for a short time. There are plenty of Honorable Mentions but that’s what they are. Zach was the complete heartbeat of his entire team hands down. There are plenty of other greats to have put on a Dolphins Jersey, but Zach was in more control of his entire team than Marino.

72Phins4ever chose an all-time NFL great defender and a former Super Bowl MVP!

Jake Scott

Phintastic gave us another vote for ZT!

We have had a few great Def players in my 52 years of being a Dolphin fan. I would have to give the nod to Zack. For his lack of size, he made up for it with determination and smarts. Great watching him and Jason play for so many years together.

PhinsTifosi weighed in with yet another vote for ZT and his former brother-in-law!


sand_in_shoes went with a few guys from each era but settled with Zach again.

It would have to be Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Tim Bowens, Sam Madison from the most recent great defense. Bob Baumhower, Doug Betters, Kim Bokamper from the Killer Bs. The defense in the 70s? None of them had names apparently. But the absolute best defensive player for the Dolphins of all time? My vote is for Zach. Five-time first-team All-Pro, seven Pro Bowls.

Louie the lobster likes linebackers that make awesome bagels.

John Offerdahl

sdphinsfan chimes in with the runaway favorite!

Relatively easy choice for me. Zach Thomas. Such a great player on the field. But there’s more to it than just that. JT was a great pass rusher. But Wake replaced him. Now Phillips...You can get pass rushers. But a player like ZT? We haven’t gotten anywhere close to having a guy in the middle that is in the same neighborhood as a player.

Jeffbails1044 is rolling old-school!

Dick Anderson

FLSurferMike puts in another vote for Taylor.


Dolfan88 is another on board with the former brother-in-laws!

Sitting here thinking about James question and I wanted my brain to drift back to the seventies and remember the great players back then but my brain refused to go and told me hell no we barely got out of there alive the first time and it wasn’t going to take any chances! So I have to go with Taylor and Thomas! Good evening!

Lightning G0KU seemed to be heavily influenced by my choice of photo!

the fact that I can see a picture in black & white and automatically identify that its Nick Buoniconti may have confirmed that he is the Miami Dolphins' best defensive player of All Time!!disclaimer: ! was not alive for 1 second of Nick’s NFL career (so.. yeah imma go with Mr. Buoniconti)

Dolfanjoe puts in another for Taylor!

Yea we had some great defenses early. But they were a team ! Individual i would have to lean towards Jason Taylor, he was a special player.....................

Francesco ITA went with a killer B...sorta...

Surely not the best overall but every time i watch past dolphins games i am amazed how good was Bob Baumhower

Sloppy has yet another for JT!

Love Zach Thomas, Patrick Surtain, Cam Wake, and many more, but for me it is Jason Taylor. Franchise record in sacks 131. Franchise record TFL 137. Franchise record FF 43. NFL record & franchise record 8 TD for a defensive lineman. Last but not least HoF inductee.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 loves some JT but fears some TB!

Greatest Defensive Player: Jason Taylor. You guys have already given all the great reasons. Defensive Player to Whom You Least Want to Tell, in Person, that They are Not the Greatest: Tim Bowens!!

Snook2006 is a little old school and a little right now!

Taylor and X. Howard.

finfanfromsiam aka Clark Griswald went with the combo of Thomas and Wake!

Evening! Zach Thomas and Wake for me!

Alpha6 closes us out with my all-time favorite Dolphins player!

All time... Jason Taylor Taylor is the top sack artist in Dolphins’ history and seventh on the all-time sack list. He was All-Pro only three times in his career. And was Defensive Player of the Year in 2006, when he scored 2 defensive touchdowns and forced a league-high 9 fumbles. He’s also part of the 2000s All-Decade team alongside Julius Peppers, Michael Strahan, and Dwight Freeney.

The list of guys that you put up were all former (with one current player) greats with Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas running away with the vote. Both are solid choices and both are my two favorite jerseys that I own.

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