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Brian Baldinger believes the Miami Dolphins defense can be “special” in 2023 with Vic Fangio at the helm

With defensive coordinator Vic Fangio calling the shots, the Miami Dolphins defense has everyone talking about their potential in 2023 and beyond!

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

During a segment on NFL Network's hit TV show, NFL Total Access, former NFL offensive lineman Brian Baldinger spoke glowingly about the Miami Dolphins defense now that defensive coordinator Vic Fangio is calling the shots.

"If you follow Vic Fangio, Steve and I know we have. Throughout his career, in two stops now, he's led the league in takeaways. And I feel like this is a defense that can be built to take the ball away and to give extra back to Tua and that fine-looking mustache of his — and Mike McDaniel and let them go to work.

My favorite part is that he gave a shoutout to third-year pass-rusher Jaelan Phillips, saying he expects him to 'pop' this year in Vic Fangio's defense.

"I think Jaelan Phillips has a chance to 'pop" this year. You saw it in the second half of the season. We haven't really seen much from Bradley Chubb, but Vic has worked with him before. and so I think that's going to be huge.”

Baldinger then praised Miami's secondary, saying it could be the best in all of football.

"And if you look at the secondary, Xavien, Ramsey, Jevon, like, that could be the best secondary in football. And if you combine that with a rush and what they can do and what Vic likes to do — this has a chance to be a pretty special group on that side of the ball."

What are your thoughts on Brian Baldinger's comments on the Miami Dolphins defense? Do you expect the team to be 'special' in 2023? Will Jaelan Phillips and Bradley Chubb take the next step? Is Miami's secondary the best in football? Let us know in the comments section below!