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What is the Miami Dolphins strongest unit going into the 2023 season?

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

While the media and even some fans continue to question the Miami Dolphins those of us that follow the team closely know that we had a solid team last year that was slowed down considerably by injuries, especially to our starting quarterback, as well as a lack of depth when those injuries occurred. This offseason has thus far seen the team sure up some of the weaknesses on the team's roster with some obvious holes left to still be filled. Either way the team is solid in some position groupings or units and in some cases might have the best or one of the best units in the NFL at certain positions while others still need some minor to major tweaking before the 2023 season kicks off.

So tonight's question is which of the teams either defensive or offensive units is the best unit on the Miami Dolphins heading into the 2023 regular season? What unit, if there is one do you believe is perfect (if that’s possible) and the team should not tinker with it anymore this off-season?

Please give us your answer and thoughts in the comments section below-