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NFL Team Records- Phinsider Faithful Weigh In On Records They Hope To See Taken Over by Miami In 2024

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

I wrote a post earlier in the week that detailed all of the “team” NFL records that the Miami Dolphins either own or share with other NFL teams. Then I asked the question, of all the NFL team records that are out there which ones would you like to see the Miami Dolphins break during the 2023 season? Below are some of the responses from our site members.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 seems to want to own the record for never losing a lead in a season. I am not sure if anyone holds that actual record but if it happens we will know.

This year I’d also like to see us win more games in which a lead is never surrendered than anyone else. We’ve got the D for this. Now, all we need is a respectable total yards running game for this so let’s do it!

Alpha5 would like the team to beat the season INT record with our newly revamped defensive backs unit.

Most interceptions in a season...

Call_for_the_Priest’77 returned with another one. Possibly the best record we could hold and it would then put us only one game behind the teams that have won the most Super Bowls at 6.

Let’s make this year one of three consecutive Superbowls! The first team in league history to accomplish this. And if we get that far, why stop there?

SuperG has a great suggestion but that can go both ways so let's hope it's in the favor of the offense.

Breaking the record for best point differential.

Bill Moody has a great choice, as well as this, would surely lead to the most successful season in decades.

Consecutive games with the lead in a single season, including post-season, at 20. :)

Dolfanjoe wants the 2023 Dolphins to one-up the 1972 Dolphins by going undefeated while having to win more games.

Well, they did add a game to the schedule. So if we went undefeated, took it all the way. Then we would have the most wins ever! Record books with more bragging rights. Who knows, maybe a new statue in the yard........................

PhinsTifosi is on board with Dolfanjoe.

Let's increase the population of Perfectville, to 2, Miami Dolphins 1972 and 2023.

daytonadolfan seems to feel the same pain that we all have over the last few years with the penalties that were totally incorrect, thus in some cases costing us games.

We should get the record for the most wins over opponents and referees!

MIAMI235 wants a record that we hold broken but it won't happen during 2023, but it could be a solid star.

Let’s break the record for the most consecutive wins against a single team…..which WE hold! 1970-1980 ( 20 consecutive wins by Miami over Buffalo) AMAZING! That ought to make any Dolphins Fan Smile

Everyone had great suggestions and goals for this 2023 season. Let's hope this year goes to plan and the team can minimize the injuries as this team is built to go far and make some noise this season as well as in the postseason.

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