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Who is your all-time most disliked/despised Miami Dolphins player?

NFL: Patriots Beat Dolphins 49-28 Photo by Bob Leverone/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

It's easy for most of us to reel off our favorite all-time Miami Dolphins player or players. But what about the opposite side of that coin, the players that you just could never stand for one reason or another? Maybe you just didn’t like them as a person or they were a terrible player or when they left it left a bad taste in your mouth in the way that they went about it. Either way, you never forgot that guy because insert expletive(s) here!

So tonight’s question is who is the player who in the past played for your Miami Dolphins that you love to hate the most and why? It can be a current player or a past player or even a player that most of us have long forgotten ever existed/played for the Phins, but you sure have not forgotten them!

Please let us know your answers in the comments section below-

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