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The Phinsider Faithful Weigh In On Chris Grier!

Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Earlier this week I asked the question of the seven drafts that Grier has overseen what do you see as the most horrible picks he has made and on the flip side which are good to great to downright surprising picks that he has made, in your opinion? Below are some of the comments that our Phinsider faithful posted.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 highlights the highs and lows of Grier’s tenure drafting as GM as well as pointing to what is likely the best trade the Miami Dolphins have and will ever make.

My Take on Chris Grier’s Draft History (Covering 2016 - 2022) THE GOOD: Jaylen Waddle (WR); Tua T. (QB); Christian Wilkins (DT); Laremy Tunsil (T); Robert Hunt (OL); Jaelen Phillips (DE); Jevon Holland (S); Brandon Jones (S); Raekwon Davis (DT); Minka Fitzpatrick (DB); Andrew van Ginkel (LB); Jerome Baker (LB) THE BAD: Noah Igbinoghene (CB); Charles Harris (DE); Isaac Asiata (G); Austin Jackson (OL); Liam Eichenberg (OL); Cordrea Tankersley (CB) Bottom line: I think Grier has done pretty well in the draft. More gems than busts. Also, due consideration is the number of skillful trades he made involving future draft picks. The trades stemming from the Laremy Tunsil trade to Houston move were masterful. There are a few good analyses of these moves (I forget the sites, but worth looking up).

21Dave is fairly upbeat about Grier’s draft history but still seems bitter about some player named “Parsons”...

He has some solid hits no doubt, our fans only see the misses. Hits- - Minkah, Wilkins, X I believe, Holland, Mike G, Brandon Jones, Baker, Davis is solid, Tua and yes I left off Waddle for one reason… The Miss… Parsons!!!! Nothing more to say. Sorry, will never let that go!! Probably could have gotten both if we didn’t swap out picks. Once again before everyone starts bashing him remember hindsight is 20/20. Grier has been solid other than the swing and Miss on Parsons, he’ll didn’t even swing, he didn’t even swing, he got rung up while sitting dead on green with a fastball coming. Save it on Waddle and how great he is, 8-10 of him in every draft and 5 in FA every year. We just bought one this year!! That is not a bash on him and he is an awesome value to the team, but let your mind wonder how great Parsons would be with Fangio controlling his mind on the field.

Sloppy, despite his screen name, had a short and tidy answer.

Best Move: Jaylen Waddle and Jevon Holland. Worst Move: Noah Igbinoghene

Alpha6 begins with some confusion perhaps (Seriously what do those first two sentences mean?) but then gives a nice detailed answer and seems overall to be upbeat about Grier’s draft history.

Many of you are going to the movies. You’ve been seen picking out your seat. Great picks: Safety Jevon Holland, guard Robert Hunt, linebacker Jerome Baker, cornerback Xavien Howard, and running back Kenyan Drake. Solid picks: Defensive tackle Raekwon Davis, safety Brandon Jones, center Michael Deiter, and linebacker Raekwon McMillan. Free Agents: Starters - tackle Terron Armstead, running back Raheem Mostert, and center Connor Williams. Contributors - Keion Crossen, Melvin Ingram, Trent Sherfield, and punter Thomas Morstead. Jury deliberating: Linebacker Channing Tindall, guard Liam Eichenberg, tight end Hunter Long. Whiffed: Cornerback Cordrea Tankersley, wide receiver Leonte Carroo. I’d say there’s a great deal to commend Mr. Grier...

phyrmun is still not happy about the trade of one of the players that a certain ex and now disgruntled head coach could not get along with.

Best move: drafting perennial all-pro Minkah Fitzpatrick Worst move: trading perennial all-pro Minkah Fitzpatrick

Luvs2drnk2.0 doesn't believe that the GM gets praise or blame for any of the picks.

It’s so difficult to really evaluate a GM, especially when there are many reported instances of that GM giving his coach the final say on the roster. So while Grier has been the GM since 2016, it was widely reported that Adam Gase had the final say on the 53-man roster in his contract. Gase is fired in 2019, and Brian Flores becomes the HC. It is then reported during his tenure that the team didn’t sign any players that Flores didn’t sign off on. So really, the only people that really know who can claim responsibility for any given player are Gase, Flores, and Grier. 2022 might be the first year Grier actually had a significant say in who the team drafted, signed, waived, and traded for. That’s why I’ve always tended to stay away from blaming/crediting Grier for any draft or signing since 2016.

The reviews seem to range from positive to negative to somewhere in the middle to who knows if he had anything to do with any of it.

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