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The Phinsider Faithful Pick Their “One” Miami Dolphins Jersey!

NFL Archive Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last week in one of the question posts I asked- But what if you were only allowed to own one jersey, like forever? Who would you choose? Would it be a current player, a past player, an unheralded player, or a former/current superstar? This question was of course not about any jersey but your one jersey from a former or current Miami Dolphins player. Below are some of the responses from our own sites faithful-

Dolfan88 might stop giving you warnings if you get him a signed Zonk jersey!

Good evening! A signed Csonka jersey. Have a Zack and Waddle.

CrashJensen11’s choice was obvious I guess.

11 Crash Jensen!

Dave21 chose Jason Taylor but I suspect he only did so because he knew I would also.

Hard call, but probably JT. Zach would be a very close second and followed by Wake as third.

FlyerFinFan cant choose so he widdled it down to Wake and Thomas. Solid choices!

Real tough question I have a fondness for my Earth-Wake jersey loved the guy. Loved JT but when he played for the jets it tainted things. Loved Marino of course but that’s too easy so probably Zach or Wake. Question I’m having a hell of a time finding an L alternate white jersey anywhere. Been looking for months is there a good place to find Fins jerseys that I don’t know about? I find it crazy that you can’t get things even if you don’t mind customizing and paying more.

glen55 loves him some Tua!

I, in fact, own a single Miami Dolphins jersey, so I don’t have to speculate or draw judgments to answer your question. The jersey I own has a 1 and a long-a$$ name with 6 vowels on the back.

tysontko1981 chose an unlikely Miami Dolphins hero.

# 83 Greg Camarillo. The guy kept the Dolphins from going defeated in 2007. That year could have been a nasty stain on the Dolphins' perfect season. I’m surprised they don’t have a statue built for this guy

finfanfromsiam chose an all-time fan favorite.

Evening! Have signed Marino football. So prolly Zach our finally HOF LB!! Wake second.

MLG1 went back a bit for another fan favorite back in the day.

#10 - the one and only Don Strock. The Second would go to Crash, #11 Crash Jensen.

daytonadolfan chose #13, probably the most-sold Dolphins jersey of all time.

Gotta be my Marino, followed by Wake, Zach, Jason, and Zonk!

Braun7979 chose the other great to wear #13 for the Dolphins.

The man, the legend, the true number 13, Jake Scott, Superbowl VII MVP and probably the main reason the dolphins are ‘the undefeated’. Rest in peace brother.

Alpha6 puts in another vote for 54!

If I could only have one jersey...which happens to be my wish...and if it was authentic and signed, I would shout for would be Zach Thomas’ #54.

PA phinphan went back a way for a man named AJ.

This is a really tough question. There are so many but with a gun to my head and I had to choose, #77 Duhe would be the answer.

Dwadeshouse chose the man that saved the perfect season for Miami.

Earl Morrall jersey from the perfect season. The epitome of “next man up”. The living proof that perfection in the NFL goes beyond talent alone.

George Carlin Jr chose a Hall Of Fame wideout.

No. 42 Paul Warfield

Dolphins303 chose the most famous fake Miami Dolphins player.

Ray Finkle…

dedstrk316 is currently in a waiting pattern.

I’m saving my choice for whomever the hero is for the Super Bowl that we win.

72Phins4ever prefers some old-school 70’s Phins stars.

For me it would be either Czonk or Manny Fernandez.

Snook2006 rolled with a bit of sarcasm minus the appropriate font.

Jonathan Martin

BilMoody went with some current players.

I already own them (Howard, Holland x2, Waddle, Tua)... so if I had to pick one of those probably Howard. My favorite of them is probably my Waddle jersey since its Orange and looks awesome. If I am going to get a new one its absolutely Tyreek... dude is a legend.

Nolan’s Merkin chose a former RB but I have to wonder if Nolan is aware that his special hair piece is posting on the internet.

Ricky Williams for me..soo badass like a firework..the best thing ever and then it’s gone soo fast and all your left with is smoke

Csonka chose the greatest college and pro center of all time!

Dwight Stephenson for me

Francesco ITA chose an older fan favorite.

22 Tony Nathan

Call_for_the_Priest’77 wants one that’s personalized but I have doubts about his blocking at this level.

I want a Dolphins jersey with MY own name on it! I’ve had it waiting for Grier to get this O-line back into shape. I’m playing left guard next season!

72Phins4ever’s has me wondering why that one play stopped being shown in NFL highlights.

I was surprised no one mentioned Nat Moore, so I just did.

USMCFinzFreak chose another Phins legend from the glory days!

#66, Larry Little

Lightning G0KU chose a past great wideout.

Gimme Chris Chambers. Sideline catch toe tap artist (underrated & underutilized)

I was actually surprised to see some of the older greats mentioned. Thank you to everyone that weighed in. I was also reminded that I still need to get a Stephenson jersey for myself.

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