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Miami Dolphins Fans Sound Off On Offseason Additions

Miami Dolphins v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

In last Tuesday evening’s post, I asked, are the Miami Dolphins the most improved team this offseason? This followed a week of the media either saying the Dolphins were the most improved or at least putting the team in their top five with only a few exceptions. So after submitting the question to you, some of the most genuinely diehard Miami Dolphins fans here are some of the responses that were posted.

Blaze453 believes the title of “most improved” goes to two other teams.

No, I would say Houston and Chicago but I think we are the most improved of all the true contenders out there.

dolphinfan4lyfe chose a team headed by a former interim Dolphins head coach that we should have never let walk away in the first place.

Most improved? I mean as a Dolphins fan I think yes, but when reality sets in, I would have to say we are the readiest to compete, but we were a handful of injuries away from doing that last season as well. The most Improved I would think would have to go to the Lions. The additions of Sutton, Gardner-Johnson, and Montgomery, as well as their bringing back Graham Glasgow have the Lions looking much more improved. This coupled with key re-signings, as well as having 2 picks in the first two rounds while already having what some would say is an established Offensive Line could see them making a huge jump in their division standings.

21Dave believes our team is headed in the right direction if we can stay healthy and add some other key staff members.

Most teams are moving in the right direction no doubt about it, but we weren’t that far off. The Addition of Fang and Ramsey is huge, and Long and Elliott make it even better. Now what we need is our players to all come into camp healthy, I’m talking about you Mr. Jones, and X. We will also need for the injury bug to pass on over to Tampa or Jacksonville if it’s not going to leave the state otherwise head up to Buffalo or New York. Lots and lots of film study for these boys this off-season. They have to understand every aspect of this Offense and Defense. It’s crunch time boys!! We need to hire more conditioning coaches and nutritionists as well. Maybe a few psychologists as well.

edwinpena is not buying any of the hype given that Grier seems to be adamant that he is not going to make any big moves along the O-line.

Whooaaa. Pump da brakes. If Grier got two offensive linemen, namely a true vet LG and standout RT to protect lefty Tua’s blind side, then yes. But no, Grier got himself a few shiny toys and that’s what he had done so far. Not just Tua, but his two backups lost time because they were banged up thanks to a weak offensive line. Has that changed? Nope. So what is everyone getting so giddy about? Even Colin Cowdung is saying Phins are one of the most improved teams this yr. He never says anything positive about Miami. If Tua is on his back, or worse, on the injured list, will all these new pieces mean anything? Again, NOPE. Now it looks like Grier is going to the draft to find O-line pieces. Bad mistake. Why? Because this is not his forte. He doesn’t draft O linemen well. Let me count the ways: Michael Dieter, Austin Powers Jackson, Liam Nielsen Eichenberg, Solomon Kindley, and on and on. Of all places to compromise, the offensive line shouldn’t have been it. I have not convinced the improvements so far will lead Phins forward until this unit is made to be a top-flight unit in the league. To think it is ok now is false.

Alpha6 is on the other side of the fence from Mr. Pena believing that the team is most improved and ready to make a run at the big prize.

Positions improved... TE, MLB, Corner, Pass-rusher, ST-unit, Offensive-unit by keeping most of it intact... the entire Defensive-unit by virtue of hiring Vic Fangio. Most teams have remained relatively the same. Houston is rebuilding as are a number of teams without or new QBs. The Dolphins will be 4-2 and probably 6-0 in the conference. Overall they will be 11-5 and a probable 14-2. First round bye is within reach. Two playoff wins minimum. Super Bowl is within reach. Yes - most improved...

tvegas897 believes the whole answer begins and ends with one defensive addition.

That question is answered by the play of one Jalen Ramsey. Bring it Jalen!

heatforlife believes the Jets are the team that’s most improved. I really hate the Jets!

going from Wilson to Rodgers trumps anything anybody has done

Call_for_the_Priest’77 seems to be buying in given some key signings, key re-signings, and a key addition to the coaching staff.

To completely answer the question of ‘who is the most improved team’ we must look at the whole rosters of those teams under consideration and not limit the scope to new acquisitions. World opinion agrees that Aaron Rodgers will be wearing that nauseating green of the Jets any day now and thus I will call that a given. This has to be viewed as a monumental improvement over the shooting gallery ducks they had at QB last year (Mike White will be better for us though!). Breece Hall’s return is a big improvement as well. Other teams such as Houston (credit to Blaze for his mention of them) have made good moves to climb out of their comfortable hole of mediocrity, even if they won’t be holding the Lombardi trophy any time soon. As far as our team is concerned, I think we make as strong a case as anyone for a number of reasons. First is the fact that we will have several key players returning from injury last year, namely most of our secondary! Remember even X was playing hurt last year and missed a couple of games. Ogbah missed half the year and should be coming back beast as ever (as it looks like we’re keeping him!). Hopefully, TA will heal up and give us even more next year... And while the debate rightly rages on about Tua’s health, I’m taking the optimistic view that his concussions are a thing of the past. I’m looking forward to seeing a more experienced and aware QB causing a lot of strained necks on opposing DBs. A healthy Tua in 2023 could be the biggest improvement of them all - and I really think it is possible! The second reason for the most improved team is, of course, the new acquisitions and re-signed players. Jalen Ramsey fills the huge void opposite X and then some. LB David Long gets high marks across the board for what he brings to us. Bkup Mike White has done enough to give us hope and chills recently but you can count on him to leave nothing behind. That you have to like. I also think he will be great for Skylar regardless of who ultimately wins the QB2 spot. DeShon Elliot, Malik Reed, Braxton Berrios, Eric Saubert, and punter Jake Bailey could pleasantly surprise us as well. Bailey is a mixed bag of sorts but has a good history. The others look like good depth options at least. Re-signing Mostert and Wilson will look very good this year IMO. Giving these guys a whole year to really show what they can do will force some respect for our running game. Re-signing Neeham will put the glue back in the middle secondary that we dearly missed last year. I don’t know how that guy comes so cheap! Lastly, I would say the sidelines factor improves us as well. Vic Fangio’s track record has been solid in most places he’s been. His takeover of the defense this hungry and talented is a clear case for improvement, more for what he brings to the table than any deficiencies of his predecessor. Mike McD enters year two after a successful and learning year #1 experience. I have complete confidence that he will be the better for it and get all our plays in on time! Hit the ‘Like’ button if you think we could have the best team here since 1984!

daytonadolfan is in a wait-and-see mode.

Evening, they have been some great moves so far but the proof is in the pudding. Are the new guys gonna gel with the rest, are they gonna make it through Training camp, are we gonna flip out until the 1st game? Probably!

Dolfanjoe is buying in!

We now have 22 starters in place and many vying for the position of starter. We have good depth at most positions. Still have some draft picks with what to work with. Star TE out of the draft anyone? Gonna see lots of undrafted to compete and then after June, we will still have money to pick up any late cuts before the season starts which would be an improvement. Yea we are the most improved to this point. The defense has plenty to work with, and the offense will continue to gell. Like our chances...

PhinsTifosi believes that the team is about to have the most magical years since 1972. So what if it only took us 51 years?

yes. 20-0 in 2023

Not surprisingly our fan base, at least on our own site, is mixed on if the Dolphins are the most improved team with some thinking there are still some obvious missing pieces to the roster and others buying in 100% with others still sitting on the fence. I believe given the hope that this fan base has been sold so many times in the last two-plus decades that skepticism is warranted but there is also obviously a lot of reason for us fans to have some hope.

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