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Your Version Of A Successful 2023 Dolphins Season

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Monday night I highlighted the successes of our Miami Dolphins this past season. I then asked the question “What does the team need to do next season record-wise or playoffs-wise or both for you, as a fan of the team, to consider 2023 a successful season?” Below are some of the responses that we received from the Phinsider faithful.

JpedalsFin is all in on AFC Championship game or bust based on the expected improvement on the defensive side of the ball.

Successful season? would be them getting to the AFC Championship Game. Anything less this season would be a failure, we improved the defense and have a competent Defensive coordinator and scheme. We have a winning formula on the offensive side, the only way we lose is special teams at this juncture.

THEphinz wants to go undefeated but will settle for two wins in the playoffs and a healthy starting quarterback for the entire season.

20 - 0 of course. But since the starters will rest at 16 - 0 erasing that hope... I’ll say 2 playoff wins AND T² not missing any time.

Call_for_the_Priest’77 believes everything centers around a solid offensive line and that will equal a successful season.

A successful season? Getting the best possible offensive line we can get! I think the way most GMs go about their business (Grier?), this feat is harder to accomplish than winning the Superbowl! I wished these people would stop thinking they have to put all their focus on the ‘skill positions’ in order to keep their jobs! No! Great Offensive Line = Great Team!

FlaSportsFanatic expects no more excuses for Tua and for the team to win at least one playoff game.

Before last season and after acquiring Hill, Armstead, and Wilson many people said there were no excuses for Tua. Lo and behold, many unapologetically biased dolphin fans made a ton of excuses for Tua (GB game, blaming the o-line for his injuries despite being constantly injured at Alabama behind a great o-line). This year they need to make it to at least the 2nd round of the playoffs. They should make it to the Conference title game. People don’t want to set the bar too high because they’re afraid of failure. However, with this talent that’s what happens. Pressure is now there and Tua needs to stay healthy. Enough with the excuses. That GB game had nothing to do with concussions. He played like crap just like in the SF and SD games.

Thomas23059 wants a deep playoff run if all things go right and mostly wants to see consistency from the team.

Things happen every season that are unexpected, so while a deep playoff run would be a reasonable expectation, I am looking for some more specific things that show the team and coaching staff are improving: 1 - Regardless of what else happens if Tua plays a full season it is a success. If he plays 17 games and is not good enough, then at least they know and can plan accordingly. 2 - I want to see an increase in the pace of play. This team should be running more plays on offense to increase the stress on the defense. I want to see them getting to the line quick enough to regularly snap the ball with more than 10 seconds left on the play clock. 3 - Cut down the pre-snap penalties 4 - Be able to run the ball three consecutive times and get a first down late in a close game 5 - Play defense well enough to consistently get the opposing team off the field. I don’t want to see the other team having 7 or 8-minute drives. I do want to see the deep playoff run, but the season can be a success without it. On a personal note, I do not want to see a repeat of my scheduling misfortune from last season. I was able to go to one game, and it ended up being the Jets game in the Meadowlands after a scheduling conflict kept me from going to the Ravens game.

glen55 wants a Super Bowl but is prepared to accept less.

I don’t completely relate to a question like this, because I have multiple ways of looking at. 1. I want nothing less than a Super Bowl win and I don’t see that as pie in the sky. 2. But I would still be satisfied with the progress made if the Dolphins lost a classic AFC Championship game. 2. I think the minimum for me to probably consider it a success is if the season is better than last year. I say “probably” because it really depends on the details, e.g., if the team has great injury luck but gets waxed in the AFC semi-finals I would not be inclined to look at that as a success even though it’s better than last year.

Spok507 feels like it's the year that the team makes a real run at making it to the Super Bowl.

SuperBowl!! Realistically, the way they’ve been kind of loading up, my expectations are for this defense to be vastly improved, giving the offense a boost to be more balanced and able to score more points. After making the playoffs as a wildcard, I expect to be good enough to challenge the Bills for the division, host and win a couple of playoff games and make it to the AFC Championship. I understand the cards have to fall right in order for us to get there, but I think it’s our turn for a little luck. Injuries have to be kept to a minimum, coaching needs to be improved (with Fangio on board, I think that’s already a given), and players need to remain available down the stretch to win some of those late-season games (looking at you Tua!). This is Miami’s year. I can feel it. :)

Dolfanjoe wants an AFC championship and for people to stop calling a mammal a fish.

Win the AFC East would be a good start! First-round bye and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Then AFC champs! Or wildcard and take it all the way! Tua playing 17 games! Changing the name to the Sea Cows so there is no more referencing our beloved team as the fish.................. Most successful!

DalFinsFan needs to see the offense operate better overall.

I want to see a more cohesive and smoothly run offense. Plays sent in with enough time to get to the LOS with enough time to get set and eliminate the DOG penalties. Running plays on 3rd and short and 4th and short with the confidence the OL will block well enough to pick it up. Cut down on illegal motion and holding penalties. No unblocked lineman in Tua’s face 1 second after the play starts. No throws out of the end zone on 3rd and long that almost lead to disaster. Faster decisions on challenges.. TT staying healthy is prime too but can’t really control injuries...

phinsatx needs to see consistency from the team as well as less of an up-and-down season.

Less of a rollercoaster would be nice. They kind of proved that hang with some of the best teams and beat some of them last year, but it was all over the place. A more consistent winning team seems like the goal. Cement that position as the team that is at least penciled in for the playoffs (if not winning the Super Bowl).

sdphinsfan wants what the team has built to come together and make us legit contenders.

I don’t care so much about the overall record this year. If we go 9-8 vs the schedule we’ve got to play this year as opposed to last, it’ll be a more impressive feat. Might even win the division. IMO, the next step for this team is to get substantially better at the things we can control. McD and Fangio need to have their operations down pat and put these players in the best position to succeed. Players need to put in the work, and the preparation, and have the focus and determination to do their jobs and execute the plan. We have the talent (except I’m still a little underwhelmed with the RB room and fear that will bite us in @$$). Just don’t need the injuries. If this all comes together, we will be legit contenders to make a run. That’s all I want every season.

62Lou has some opinions...

A SB trip... Really if you don’t think this team is capable of getting to the SB - then why aren’t you advocating for CHANGE? I’m shocked that year after year, posters on this site settle for mediocre play and performance from this team, the management, and the coaches... Grier and Company have made several GOOD MOVES this year - probably his best as a GM, pending the draft. (I think its VIC tho asking for players) No more excuses for Tua, any more serious injuries and we should replace him next year - or do you want to WASTE Hill and Waddle longer? You can STILL BE a total FAN - and also point out the terrible mistakes that GRIER, Nerd-boy MCD, and Ross have made over the last few years. Our record speaks for itself. AND ITS TIME TO BE A REAL CONTENDER. Also - make no mistake - another 9-8 season for any reason with this talent - and MCD should be fired....along with Grier... Too bad we can’t FIRE the owner... But anyone reading - please STEP UP if you have the $$$ to buy this team.

It seems as if most of our faithful expect nothing short of some playoff success all the way up to a Super Bowl victory.

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