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If You Could Only Have One

Miami Dolphins PC X Williams

A couple of weeks back I asked the question, what is your all-time favorite piece of Miami Dolphins swag. For many of us, it’s something signed by a Phins player, past or present. For many that signed item happens to be a Jersey that also bears the player's number. Some of our faithful readers probably have lost count of how many jersey’s they even own at this point. But what if you were only allowed to own one jersey, like forever? Who would you choose? Would it be a current player, a past player, an unheralded player, or a former/current superstar?

So let us know which Miami Dolphins jersey you would choose if you were somehow, and horrifically limited to owing just one. I know it’s a nightmare for some of you but remember this is not real so please try not to riot in the comments section. Bill is not a young man anymore and we need to look out for his health.

Please give us your choice of jersey and the reason why in the comment section below-